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Hunting Bluebills

Hunting Bluebills

Our uniquely coastal duck hunting provides waterfowlers an opportunity like none other. Not only does it allow for a mixed bag hunt but the scenery is 2nd to none. Tens of thousands of ducks raft up in the winter on the clear waters of of the gulf coasts bays, rivers, and lakes. During duck season, redheads, bluebills, buffleheads, canvasbacks, goldeneye and even mergansers can be found along this region.


Hunting Bluebills


Bluebills are mid-size diving ducks. This species is commonly hunted along the east coast from Canada to Louisiana. Male bluebills are recognized by their blue bills, yellow eyes, dark heads, white belly, & black breast. Meanwhile the females are mostly brown with a dull blue bill and white on the face. Bluebills are also known as the greater or the lesser scaup. Size is the more prevalent distinguishing factor between the two. The greater scaup averages 18 inches in length while the lesser scaup averages 16.5 inches. The greater scaup also has a more rounded head whereas the lesser scaup head is narrower and taller. Additionally the greater scaup head is a dark green color and the lesser scaup head seems to be a darker purple appearance.


Hunting Bluebills: Come Hunt with Us!


Coastal duck hunting in the Gulf Shores, AL area is one of the more memorable experiences our clients tell us they have had while in a duck blind. Our hunts can accommodate up to 4 people with the option to hunt from the beach, a pontoon, or our traditional flat bottom duck boat. Here on the coast, you don’t have to trudge through icy swamps or freeze your tail off in a field. Hang up those waders and #huntproud. We strive to make your hunting experience easy so all you have to worry about is shooting some ducks in the face. We handle all the other bull#@&! so you can enjoy what you came to do.


To find opportunities in the Gulf Shores areas to take down some ducks, call our hospitality desk at 850-375-2223 and book your uniquely coastal duck hunt with us.




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