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Mallard Preserve Duck Hunting

Mallard Preserve Duck Hunting


Mallard Preserve Duck Hunt


Mallards are the most popular ducks to hunt in North America, and not just because of their variation and their beauty. The “mallard”  has been part of so many duck hunting memories. Some may say, Mallards are stupid and deceivable, but they are far from right and probably never have tried to kill one. Mallards can be tricked, but only once, they’re quick witted and adaptable to their surroundings. If they see suspicious bumps, sparkles, or movement they flee and scatter. This is why duck hunters spend a lot of preparation before a duck hunt and why they equip themselves how they do.


The day before any duck hunt starts with the scout for the ducks to see where they are flying. Also checking where they land to finalize their duck hunting spot. Early morning, 3:00am, comes quick and so comes the excitement of the duck hunt. Putting layers of clothes on, making sure plenty of shotgun shells are in your blind bag, getting gloves, face paint, hand warms, shotgun, headlamp, and many other  essentials are just the surface of making sure you are prepared for your hunt. Once settled into the timber or field, the waiting game begins and so does the duck calling. Sometimes that preparation doesn’t pay off leaving you with nothing on your lanyard; that’s where preserve duck hunting comes in.


Mallard preserve duck hunting is the Everclear to the ducking hunting community. It will get you to the best part quicker and It’s close to a guarantee in the waterfowl world. Unlike most duck hunting, these preserve hunts require much less specialized equipment, keeping your blind bag light and making your lanyard heavy. All the scouting that is practiced before a duck hunt can be faulty as discussed and can take away that afternoon hunt. With a mallard preserve duck hunt, the ducks are bread on a pond through a seasonal release program putting in the best position to limit out and create a lifetime of memories.


If you are interested in taking part of a Mallard Preserve Hunt, then call us today and get your trip scheduled before it’s too late. These hunts are great for hunters of any level. Don’t miss your opportunity to get some great trophy birds as well as create lasting memories.



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