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About Us

After many years in the hunting and fishing industry, Stephen Lee decided to go into business for himself in 2015. After serving as a spokesman for a hunting and fishing application, Stephen was able to reflect on hundreds of fishing and hunting trips which allowed him to truly understand what makes a great experience. It was the numerous negative experiences that led to the creation of his own booking platform.

As opposed to other fishing or hunting platforms, we have personally vetted each guide and captain on our platform and have gone with many of them on trips of our own. As a company we work really hard to not only provide exceptional hunting and fishing experiences, but also relevant content and education related to our lifestyle here on the Gulf Coast. We want to show people what to really expect when fishing, hunting and partying on the Gulf Coast.

Lendon Webb joined Intercoastal Safaris in 2017 to lead up all of our digital marketing efforts which included designing and developing our website. Since he joined us, he has been laser focused on making booking on our website as easy as possible and keeping everything moving forward online in our digital space.

Stephen Lee lives in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama and Lendon Webb is located in historic Mobile, Alabama. Being local means they know how important the sportsman lifestyle is to the region and are truly invested in making Intercoastal Safaris not only a successful business but a real asset to areas in which they live.