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Red Snapper Regulations: The 2017 Season Is Here!

Red Snapper Regulations: The 2017 Season Is Here!

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Red Snapper season is almost here! However, red snapper regulations for this year have caused some turmoil among anglers. With very different requirements for state and federal waters, it’s easy to get confused on when and where you can target this Gulf Coast favorite.

Luckily, you can leave the stress behind when you book your red snapper trip with Intercoastal Safaris! From permits to locations, food to travel accommodations, we handle the details and leave you to concentrate on fishing!

Red Snapper Regulations

In the past, red snapper were severely overfished in the Gulf of Mexico. During the late 1980s, the northern Gulf snapper population reached such low numbers that the population almost crashed for good. Thankfully, since then numbers have steadily increased, thanks in large part to effective management practices.

Although the red snapper population is now well on the way to recovery, this hugely valuable catch is once again subject to tougher regulations and a limited fishing season. Just like commercial fisherman, individual anglers must abide by the red snapper regulations involving federal and state waters, size, and quantities.

Dates for Federal and State Waters

In Florida state waters, a 78-day recreational season has been approved! After the first Saturday in May 2017, anglers may fish for red snapper on Saturdays and Sundays. Daily fishing for red snapper will begin the Saturday before Memorial Day and lasts until the Sunday following Independence Day.

As cooler weather approaches in September and October, red snapper fishing is permitted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Unfortunately for anglers looking to ply federal waters, red snapper season is much shorter this year. Private anglers only have the chance to catch these rosy-red fish from June 1-4 in 2017.

Size and Quantity Limits in Federal and State Waters

The minimum size for keeper red snapper this year is 16 inches from tip to tail. Bag limits for private anglers remain two red snapper per person, per day. These size and quantity regulations are the same for both state and federal waters.

Make the Most of Red Snapper Season with Intercoastal Safaris!

At Intercoastal Safaris, we make the most out of red snapper fishing trips with our dedicated and superior service. We take our customers out to fish in federal waters, Alabama state waters and Florida state waters.

Our captains jealously guard a treasure trove of “secret” locations that typically hold large numbers of red snapper. With a wide range of prime fishing spots, we’ll find you the perfect fishing area away from other boats and heavy traffic.

Book Your Red Snapper Fishing Trip Today!

Enjoy red snapper season the right way: without the stress of worrying about regulations! Intercoastal Safaris handles all the details of your trip—just let us know when you’re ready. Contact Intercoastal Safaris and book your trip today!

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