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An Introduction to Night Vision Hog Hunting

An Introduction to Night Vision Hog Hunting

Hello everyone! My name is Jeff Sanders. I am the marketing director of Intercoastal Safaris and I wanted to share with you what our night vision hog hunts are like. When I joined Intercoastal Safaris I was extremely new to the hunting and fishing industry, but over the past 12 months I have learned a lot. I receive a lot of similar questions when clients call trying to book their own hunting trip. We have collected those below. I hope this brings some insight into our company and also why you should trust us to provide you with an unforgettable night vision hog hunt.

Q: What is a night vision hog hunt?

A: This is an all night excursion which involves shooting wild hogs during the late evening hours.

Q: What is the point of hog hunting or why does it matter?

A: Wild hogs produce at an alarming rate. I have read articles that state that females hogs reaching 6 months in age can start to reproduce. Hogs live up to their name as well… they are capable of destroying acres of farmland in a matter of a few days… because they are hungry… and if not taken care of… can consume and ruin a farmers entire crop. So in a sense we secretly allow for vegetarians to continue their diet by eradicating these pests from the veggie and fruit fields.

Q: Will I need to purchase a hunting license?

A: In the state of Florida, no license is needed to hunt hogs.

Q: Are their trophy hogs/fees and how many can I kill?

A: There are no trophy fees and you will kill as many as you see during your hunt.

Q: What kind of guns and ammo do you use?

A: The best answer to this question would be the youtube video I’ve attached to this blog above. Our guide clearly shows the model of the gun and the attachments.

Q: When is the best time to go hog hunting?

A: According to our guide, the best time to go hog hunting would be based upon the moon phase. The darker the phase of the moon, the higher success rate of the hunt. Click here to see more about moon phases.

Q: When is hog season in the state of Florida?

A: The season is year round. As I stated above plan your trip around the darkest moon phase… but in doing so.. call in advance.. because more than likely your date might already be booked.

Q: What is your success rate?

A: While we as a company cannot guarantee that you will kill a hog, we are however proud of our 90% success ratio. Meaning out of every 10 hog hunts booked, 9 of them will come back with a hog.

Q: What if I don’t kill a hog, do I still have to pay?

A: Yes, unfortunately things happen… and from what I’ve learned about hunting… it is a sport controlled by mother nature… not every hunt will always be successful. It is the experience and thrill that should make up for the lack of a kill. I have seen personally the hard work and dedication our guides go to make the hunts as successful as possible. If you’re worried that you might be the 10% that don’t get a hog… then my best advice would be to not book a hunt with us.

Q: How long does the hunt last?

A: From the 3 trips I have been on in person… the hunt can last anywhere from when it gets dark (depending on the time of year) and go anywhere till 3-4am in the morning. Our guides are dedicated to getting you what you’ve paid for… even if it means we hunt into the wee hours of the morning… with over 12,000 acres of farmland to hunt on… it makes our success ratio high for a reason.

Q: Is there an age limit on who can go?

A: I have booked hunts with ages that have ranged from 10 year old boys all the way to 70 year old adults. Please mind however that anyone under the age of 18… must be accompanied by an adult besides the guide themselves.

Q: What is the hunt like and is there a lot of walking?

A: Our guides will drive from field to field… cautiously looking out the window of the vehicle with their night vision scopes looking for the hogs. When they find one… the walk could be anywhere from 1 mile to 1/4 of a mile long. Their goal is to get you within 100 yards from the hogs. It is their goal to eradicate these pests from continuing the damage they are creating. So they will get you as close to your target as possible.

Q: Do wild hogs taste good?

A: The guideline for eating hog is simple… the smaller they are the better they taste. However regardless of the size… the back straps on hogs are quite a delight to have as well regardless of size. You might also want to check out this blog post by our good friend Robert Kraatz… who shows a unique way of cooking wild hog/boar. Click here.

Q: Do I get to keep any of the meat?

A: For sure! Our guides will skin the hog and give you the back straps of the hog of your choice. Our deal is that we will quarter the first one for you and put it on ice and we will then donate the rest of the hog meat to local food shelters in the area… hog hunting is a win-win deal.. especially since we are waking up the neighbors at the crack of dawn!

If you’re ready to book your hog hunt, call us at 850-375-2223. If you read this blog, tell me the code HOGBLOG to get $30 off per person.

Do you have any questions that you don’t see in my post? Comment them below and I’ll do my best to continue to update this blog. These are the questions I frequently get when called about hog hunting. I hope they help to prepare you for what to expect when going night vision hog hunting.


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