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Red Snapper fishing in Mississippi

Red Snapper fishing in Mississippi

Where to catch red snapper in Mississippi

Although Mississippi does not have as many artificial reefs as its neighbor to the east, it does have a longer coastline. When attempting to catch red snapper in Mississippi, you mostly want to focus on areas that have wrecks, rigs, or reefs. I have really enjoyed those rigs in recent years. You may also catch red snapper ranging 3 miles west of Point Cadet Harbor and many smaller ones near rock structures in Biloxi Harbor. When catching red snapper in Mississippi, you also might encounter Spanish & King Mackerel, Jack Cravell and redfish while trolling to structure located further offshore. This link includes a map of Mississippi fishing hotspots in addition to fishing license info.

Baits and rigs to use when fishing for red snapper in Mississippi

Fishermen in Mississippi commonly use bait such as shrimp or squid and attach it to a white-and-yellow haired jig to catch red snapper. Carolina rigs with a slip sinker up the line and circle hooks with larger baits such as live hardtails, or pogies. Local fisherman recommended sticking with cut bait and circle hooks and a larger weight when the current is strong. Keeping in mind that “knocker rigs” are tied to a barrel swivel and can be used when targeting red snapper close to wrecks and top water reefs.

What season can I catch red snapper in Mississippi

Mississippi Fishing Law can change from year to year but often runs from mid-summer to October. Keep in mind the laws vary from state to state and when in federal waters it’s a whole other ball game so be sure and check your dates before you depart. Another key point to remember is barrier islands in Mississippi state waters, are only permitted to vessels that have a state-for-hire permit and private recreational fisherman.

With that being said, red snapper can be caught along the Gulf Coast and fishing techniques, regulations and dates vary.  various hotspots in Mississippi. Red snapper fishing aside, the Mississippi Gulf coast has a lot to offer. With casinos in Biloxi, Inshore fishing in its bays and world class waterfowl opportunity… Mississippi is truly the next best thing to a “Sportsman’s Paradise” (no geographic pun intended). Check out this link for more ways to Hunt, Fish and Party on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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