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Dauphin Island summer fishing report

Dauphin Island summer fishing report

A large number of fisherman flock to dolphin island for its wide variety of fishing opportunities. Most people that vacation there do so because of the uncrowded beaches and the natural, less commercialized, vibe of the island. While we would suggest you book a beach house and chill on dolphin island… were jumping right in to the fishing.

Dauphin Island fishing report in May

The most effective time to go fishing on Dauphin Island is is early morning  in May, when the water is calm. In calmer waters the fish tend to become more active. On the other hand swimmers and “beach Karens” tend to be less active so that’s a good thing. Dauphin Island offers the best fishing spot such as Cedar Point Pier, where you can catch white trout, flounder, and mullet. As well as Katrina Cut Island when you can find sheepshead around the inside of the shorelines. May is at the very end of sheepshead season but there are some big ones hanging around.  If you’re wanting to fish around rocks or jetties, Fort Gaines includes multiple along Dauphin Island, as well as Sand Island where you can target speckled trout, redfish, and drum.

This link includes advice and tips for fishing in Dauphin Island.

Dauphin Island report in June

In June, spoons and artificial shrimp are effective for early morning fishing as well as fishing late at night in Dauphin Island. When fishing from land at night find structure such as docks and bridges. You can use baits such as shrimp, crab, or live bait to have the possibilities of catching Ladyfish, Bluefish, and Spanish Mackerel from the beach. However, croaker, pinfish, and catfish are normally known to nibble off the same baits. While Dauphin Island is covered up in sail cats, at the same time, you can catch whiting and pompano on a Carolina rig with 6lb test line and slip weight stopped by a swivel.  A good spot to catch redfish and speckled trout is The Shoals, located west of Dauphin Island Bridge. Also, keep in mind the opportunity to go  “Wade fishing” or “surf fishing” in Bill Goat Hole, that has multiple fishing piers as well as jetties, with beaches off the east end of Dauphin Island. If you have a chance to go offshore don’t skip it. Dolphin Island has a several off shore natural gas rigs that hold some of the biggest red snapper in the entire gulf coast during June and July.

Dauphin Island in July

Surf-fishing is a popular method of fishing, in July to catch King Mackerel, off Dauphin Island. There are many different rigs you can use, including spoons, jigs, or plastics, but these are typically used in clear weather and calm water. Avoid using heavy rigs and tackle with huge rods, because it could result in you possibly catching sharks or stingrays. Fort Conde is also a Dauphin Island hotspot for catching speckled trout, cobia, and lane snapper with live bait. Keeping in mind, you can also use baits such as cigar minnows, Bonita chunks, or squid with a 30-50lb leader and a circle hook. On the other hand, If you spot cobia, it can be an indication that the water temperature has warmed up, therefore you have a good chance of catching bull-reds, sheepshead, and speckled trout. If trolling is your thing than get ready for a lot of activity when targeting Bonita, king & Spanish mackerel.

Ultimately, Dauphin Island offers the premium summer fishing opportunities. From surf fishing on the beach to exploring the inshore waters or deep dropping on some natural gas rigs, this location is truly a must for avid salt water fisherman. When fishing from the beach, use artificial baits or live shrimp to catch Spanish mackerel and ladyfish. Although rigs such as Carolina rigs, spoons, and jigs are beneficial when targeting whiting and pompano. Keeping in mind that heavy tackle and rods aren’t needed in many spots in Dauphin Island. We do recommend visiting a local tackle shop just before any DYI trip to get the latest scoop. If this sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate! Book today and have the opportunities to go fishing with us!

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