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Fishing for Grouper in Destin, FL

Fishing for Grouper in Destin, FL

Where to catch grouper in Destin, FL

Everyone knows Destin, FL for its sugar white beaches, beautiful condos, and great seafood but grouper fishing should be on that list as well. Smaller grouper can be occasionally found inshore in areas like shorelines, bridges, jetties and deep-water docks. When targeting larger grouper offshore, be on the lookout for any structures like rigs or wrecks. Much like Panama City & Port St Joe, it’s the rocky bottoms that attract the larger fish. This link highlights some of the more productive spots for catching Grouper in the Destin area.

How fish grouper in Destin, FL

A common method for catching grouper is bottom fishing. This method consists of heavy tackle with dead or live bait attached. Live bait such as threadfin herring and scaled sardines tend to work best. While using live bait when bottom fishing, you may catch various kinds of grouper such as Warsaw, Yellow edge and Snow grouper. Just about all grouper have the same diet. Another method of grouper fishing is jigging. Keep in mind that jigging is a much more active style of fishing but it can often get them fired up if dead bait or live bait is not doing the trick. In recent years the use of slow pitch jigs have become popular. For more information on the method of micro jigging check out the video below.

Grouper Season in Destin, FL

Seasons for catching grouper in Destin do vary depending on the type of grouper and time of year.  Red Grouper are caught all-year round in Destin, FL, whereas Gag Grouper season is usually closed from January to April and is mostly caught in late fall with live bait like pinfish and squid. It’s important to keep in mind Destin is home to various kinds of grouper so double check the current regulations before you go.

With this being said, Destin, FL offers multiple opportunities to catch grouper. While bottom fishing bonus fish like amberjack, snapper and shark could strike as well. I’m really excited about the potential action that slow pitch jigs have to offer. We work with a number of guides in the area so click here to find the one that’s right for you.

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