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How to catch snook

How to catch snook

 Where to catch snook

Snook is near the top of all inshore fishing enthusiast list. Snook are much more common in
warmer coastal waters such as Naples, Marco Island, and in Everglades National Park. These
inshore predators stay closer to bridges, jetties, docks or any type of solid structure. While
inshore and nearshore structures in South Florida do hold large numbers of snook, Costa Rica
is where most mammoth snook spawn and reproduce in the Caribbean and Pacific waters. Most
snooks are caught around areas that mangrove snapper is also found in, like grass inlets and
sandbars. Much like bass, snook like structure-oriented and drop-offs to target prey. Here’s a
link that has detailed hotspots on where to catch snook in Florida.

What lures to use when catching snook

One of the reasons that snook fishing is so popular is the topwater action they almost always
provide. One can use artificial lures like 3-5 inch white paddles, with ⅛ to ¼ ounce jig-heads.
For those of you that prefer live bait try pilchards, sardines, and shrimp. One of the more
common methods we see while targeting snook are bucktail jigs as well as Heddon Super
Spooks, right before dusk. Snooks can also be caught with streamlined cork, circle hooks,
knocker rigs, and Jupiter rigs with 10lb braided main line. Snook are legally considered a game
fish so the method “snagging” is prohibited in the states.

What season is good for catching snook

In Gulf Waters, snook fishing season starts September 1st through December 1st of each year
as well as a second season starting March 1st through May 1st. In addition, snooks are most
active in the early morning hours as well as late at night when the tide starts to rise. You can
also use the method of “sight-fishing” to catch snook in early May to late August. This link
includes size and bag limits with what seasons you can catch snook in.

In conclusion snook stay near warm, tropical waters with any type of hard structures. Keep in
mind, the rules and regulations that may come with catching snook, as they do vary from state
to state as well as different seasons. The best way to learn how to catch snook, is to go with
one of our experienced guides. When booking a trip for educational reasons, it’s a good idea to
let the guide know ahead of time so they can prepare them self to give you the experience your
looking for.


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