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Monster Hunt: Take on the Giants of the Gulf Coast!

Monster Hunt: Take on the Giants of the Gulf Coast!

Do you remember fearing the unknown beast hiding under your bed? Recall the terror of staring at the barely-open closet door as darkness crept across your bedroom floor? Still dream of getting revenge on the monsters that gave you nightmares as a child? Turn the tables and become the one to fear on our Monster Hunt adventure.

We’ll guide you on an action-packed trip to tackle the toughest brutes the Gulf Coast has to offer! Start your day on the water as you target giant bull and blacktip sharks with our charter out of Pirate’s Cove Marina in Panama City Beach. As night falls, gear up with night vision goggles as our experienced guide puts you on as many wild hogs as you can handle.

At Intercoastal Safaris, we create one-of-a-kind packages to provide our clients with an adventure they’ll never forget!

Big Catch, Big Teeth, Big Thrill!

Your Monster Hunt adventure begins with the chance to hunt some of the top predators in the marine food chain. Our prime location on the Gulf of Mexico offers up an impressive variety of hard-fighting species of resident and migrating sharks in our turquoise waters. Launching out of Pirates Cove Marina, it won’t be long before you feel the impressive pull of these toothy monsters.

This half-day, offshore excursion targets giant bull sharks and feisty black tips. If you’ve never hooked into one of these monsters, prepare yourself for an adrenaline rush like nothing you’ve ever felt!

Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are a large, aggressive species and are considered by many to be the most dangerous of the sharks. They are commonly measured in our waters between six and eight feet long and weigh in at 100 to 300 pounds. The Florida record, however, tipped the scales at an incredible 517 pounds! With their massive weight, they put up one heck of a fight that is sure to challenge even the saltiest of anglers.

Blacktip Sharks

Blacktip sharks, though smaller at five to 30 pounds, are one of the scrappiest sharks to target on hook and line. Known for their impressive endurance, they punch well above their weight with frantic jumps and long, reel-stripping runs. These are often one of the first species caught on our trips, as black tips love to prowl the waters just outside the break.

Wild Hog Hunting

Feral hogs are one of our favorite large game animals to hunt on land­ — with good reason! With no size limits, bag limits, or gender restrictions for wild hogs, you are free to take as many as of these brutes as you can. Our guides will put you in the right spot, at the right time to make your hunt an unforgettable experience.

Hunting feral hogs in the dark of night enhance the thrill of the hunt and give you a real advantage over daytime hunters. Larger hogs tend to be more active and feed at night, increasing your chances of taking down a true monster! Slide on those night vision goggles, keep it locked and loaded and bag as many hogs as you please!

Fire Arms and Night Vision

Although hunting wild boar is exciting enough, adding semi-automatic AR-15s and night vision scopes to the mix takes this hunt to the next level! The semi-automatic rifles are a necessity because when shooting large groups of wild boar that are on the move. To bag larger specimens of a hog, you will need as many rounds as you can get. But don’t worry because when you’re hunting with Intercoastal Safaris, we provide all the ammo you need!

In addition to the AR-15s and the ammo, we provide our Monster Hunt guests with high-tech night vision scopes. These scopes give you the upper hand and help you stalk your prey effectively while hunting during the night!

Schedule Your Monster Hunt Today!

Intercoastal Safaris aims to help you make memories that last a lifetime. If you’re ready to take on a truly unique experience, contact us to book your Monster Hunt today!

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