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Bucket List Hunting Trips, Why Hog Dog Hunting Should Be At The Top

Bucket List Hunting Trips, Why Hog Dog Hunting Should Be At The Top

Bucket List Hunting Trips – Did Google Bring You Here?

If you’re reading this blog post, then more than likely you entered into google “best bucket list hunting trip” or “bucket list hunting trips”. If that is the case, then google is actually working. You’re about to be introduced to the hunting trip that should go immediately to the top of your list.

Why Hog Dog Hunting Should Be On Your Bucket List

When someone thinks of a bucket-list, adventure usually comes to mind. You should consider adding a hog dog hunt to your hunting bucket list and here is why. No guns, no ammo, & no arrows. Just you, mother nature, a knife and some hunting dogs. The chase is epic. Our guided hog dog hunts start as soon as the sun starts to rise. Imagine mist and soft dews rising from the ground. The dogs are set loose looking for wild hogs that have burrowed themselves into the cold mud.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Our client Sam described it best in his google review.
“I have hunted all over the world at various times in my life, but to chase a hog down with dogs and “stick” it was probably more excitement then I have had in 20 years! This is by no means an easy hunt, lots of running (or fast walking if you are a little chubby) through downed trees. Muscling hogs out of undergrowth all while the dogs are baying and the catch dog fighting with a very irritated boar.”

And to prove that this isn’t just one review, check out what our other client Cory Lewis had to say about his bucket list hunting trips.

“I’ve done a fair bit of wild pig hunting with a rifle, but using nothing but a knife took the experience to a whole new level.The dogs certainly knew their job and wasted no time chasing down and cornering a nice medium size boar of about 150 pounds.Seeing how this might be my only chance to experience a hunt like this. I decided to go all out and jump into the hog-dog melee solo. With the prior coaching I received from Paul I was able to quickly dispatch the pig.”

Greenhorns Go Hog Dog Hunting For First Hunt Ever!

I was personally able to be apart of a father son duo hunt just before Christmas of 2018. These two guys had never been hunting before! This was their first hunt ever (talk about picking a first hunt). Our guide briefly explained to them what was about to go down and to not hesitate when given the chance to stab the pig. You could tell that this father son duo was nervous but excited at the same time. Once the dogs bayed the hog, the chase was on. We jogged through fields of tall grass and muddy swamps to finally locate the hog that was pinned down. Our guides tied up the pig, and the son pierced it’s flesh where our guide instructed him to. You can check out the experience of this hunt by clicking here to watch the video!

Super Affordable Bucket List Hunting Trip!

Finally the best part about this bucket list hunting trip is that it’s affordable! Most bucket list hunting trips are typically very expensive. However, if you live in the United States, you can plan a hog dog hunting trip with lodging for under $1,000 for 2 people! Here at Intercoastal Safaris, we can plan all those logistics for you! Simply give us a call at 850-375-2223 and talk to our hospitality manager. He will help to plan the perfect hunting trip vacation. You can even bring your family since this trip is located 45 mins from some of the most beautiful white sand beaches you’ll see in the world!

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