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Duck Preserve Hunting

Duck Preserve Hunting

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Duck Preserve Hunting

Duck Preserve Hunting – South Alabama | How a preserve is set up

Duck preserves are set up to provide duck hunters the experience of hunting a variety of waterfowl, some of which are not often found in this part of the state. While mallard duck hunting tends to be more productive in the northern lakes of Alabama such as Lake Guntersville, Smith lake, and Lake Logan- Martin, the wetlands south of Montgomery tend not to attract the large number of mallards on the move. The southern half of Alabama’s landscape predominantly consists of row crops and cattle lands. With this being the case, any migratory birds in the area such as: migrating mallards, gadwalls, redheads, and Canadian geese are attracted to the numerous farm ponds and smaller lakes scattered throughout the region.

Duck preserves simply mimic the habitat of the areas that these ducks would naturally gravitate to. When hunting a mallard preserve, sportsman are guaranteed a shooting opportunity at the mallards that were raised on the preserve. Therefore, a preserve hunt increases the chances of bringing home one of these beautiful species.

Duck Preserve Hunting – South Alabama | Come Hunt with Us

The duck preserve we use is set up on a 3 acre fresh water pond surrounded by farms and timber. The pond is located about 1 mile from where the ducks are raised. A blind is set up to house up to 6 hunters comfortably with 2 blind options to hunt from. The easy walk into the preserve means hunters don’t need to wear their heavy waders. As you wait for the birds, enjoy some conecuh sausage on buns, water, orange juice, and coffee. Our duck preserve trips are perfect for first time hunters.

The cost for an Intercoastal Safaris Duck Preserve hunt is $300 per hunter. This includes access to blind, a guide, a dog, 6 released birds, as well as bird cleaning. Spending some time on the skeet range prior to your hunt would not be a bad idea because the birds come in fast on most preserve duck hunts.

Contact Stephen Lee at 850-375-2002 to book your trip today!

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