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Where to catch Redfish in Alabama

Where to catch Redfish in Alabama

Where to catch Redfish in Perdido Bay

A good spot to catch redfish in Alabama is Perdido Bay, in fact you can catch Speckled Trout, Flounder and Sheepshead in Perdido Bay as well. Much like Speckled Trout, Redfish can be caught all year round but summer is prime time on Perdido Bay. Inshore anglers prefer shallow bottle center consoles when targeting redfish on grass flats and structures such as docks or jetties. Live bait and artificial lures typically have the best results, but do frequently catch redfish on grass flats and docks with live bait and artificial lures. Here’s a link to a map where different species of fish can be caught in Perdido Bay.

Where to catch Redfish in Mobile Bay

You can catch Redfish inshore and year-round in Mobile Bay. Numerous spots in Mobile Bay such as Gaillard Island, Cataloochee Bay, Point Clear Creek, and the mouth of Mobile River, provides prime habitats for Redfish. While there are many places similar that’s listed in this article, we find that the structures, cuts, and lagoons that make the perimeter of Mobile Bay are target rich environments. In addition, there are piers and docks along the shoreline, some are found in deeper water, which can lead to catching “Bull” Reds. For those of you more interested in catching Redfish in brackish waters, you may want to try using live bait in Blakey River, Spanish River and Apalachee River.

Where to catch Redfish in Gulf Shores

Much like Mobile Bay, the many piers off of the inshore coast of Gulf Shores leaves plenty of opportunities to catch Redfish. Little Lagoon has marsh along the coast that can be reached by boat. Using cut bait, dock fishing or shore fishing will oftentimes attract lots of stingrays and catfish. Live bait such as shrimp or crab is a common method for catching Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder. Local anglers catch bull redfish off Dixey Bar in Fort Morgan. Dixey Bar stretches for approximately 3 miles. Dixey Bar has a reputation of holding bull reds and is commonly caught with bottom rigs, spoons, crank bait, and occasional top lures.
Here’s Alabama fishing regulations and laws so you can catch redfish safely and effectively.

In conclusion, when choosing where to go to catch Redfish in Alabama, it’s important to have knowledge of where to use different baits. When navigating all the waterways the gulf shore has to offer, it’s important to know the terrain because some waterways are much more shallow than others. Before you take off to fish be sure to check the latest rules and regulations, as they do change from time to time. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, book a trip with an experienced guide.


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