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Catching Redfish in Mississippi

Catching Redfish in Mississippi

Where to catch Redfish in Mississippi

You can catch Redfish in Mississippi in locations like Biloxi Marsh, Mullet Lake, and the coastal preserve. Downtown Pascagoula also has hotspots such as Highway 90 Bridge, Round Island Lighthouse, Bay Saint Louis, and Big Lake north of Pascagoula. Gulfport Mississippi’s sandy shoreline plays host to manmade infrastructure such as casinos, jetties, and commercial ports. In addition, there is about 6.7 miles of barrier, islands, and reefs, where redfish spawn some of the public fishing spots from shore includes Charles Walker pier, Moses pier, and Jefferson Davis avenue pier.

This link includes Mississippi catch restrictions and regulations

What bait to use when catching Redfish in Mississippi

Cutting mullet into 2-4 inch sections and using it as “chum” is a productive way to get Redfish moving. Do not use the tail-fin of the mullet because of it tangling in your line. Baits like pilchard, greenies and pogies can attract “bull” reds. A small Redfish usually starts off by feeding on shrimp or smaller live bait. As the Redfish gets older, feeding expands to crabs, smaller fish and live bait. Artificial lures that mimic small crabs, shrimp, and finger minnows. jigs, or spoons can also be used to catch redfish in Mississippi.

Here’s some information about different lures that can be used when catching Redfish

Seasons for catching Redfish in Mississippi

Catching Redfish in Mississippi is year-round, but the most beneficial season to catch “bull” reds in Mississippi is winter, because many times a sheepshead will go after the same bait as a “bull” red. The fall is considered to be the peak of catching Redfish in Mississippi with clear waters, Redfish move closer to shore and are usually more active in the morning and move to deeper water when it starts to cool off in the afternoon. In contrast, inshore fishermen have a good opportunity to catch Redfish in shallow flats, backwater creeks, marshes, and docks during the summer fishing season.

In conclusion, there are many places and opportunities to catch Redfish in Mississippi. It’s important to keep in mind, redfish do change their behavior and location, depending on the weather. Knowing what bait works best in different scenarios, can make a big difference. One of the best ways to go is going with someone that knows the ropes, so book with us!

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