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How to Fish for Mangrove Snapper

How to Fish for Mangrove Snapper

Fishing techniques for mangrove snapper

There are several fishing techniques that can be used to catch mangrove snapper. One of the most popular techniques is bottom fishing, which includes attaching a heavy weight to weigh your bait down closer to the bottom. Chumming is an easier technique, which involves spreading a trail of cut bait into the water to attract fish closer. The most effective chum for mangrove snapper would be cut up fish or squid. Inshore fishing gives endless opportunities with the right rig, such as a live bait rig, split spot rig, and lighter tackle. Keep in mind that the deeper you fish the bigger hook one may need.

Lures, rigs and bait to fish for mangrove snapper

It’s important to pay attention to what hook size when using any lures, or rigs to catch mangrove snapper. The common hook size ranges from 1/0 to 4/0 depending on the size of bait and fish you want to catch. In addition, the pound test on the fishing line should match the size of the rod. A heavy weighted fishing rig such as a knocker rig, or sliding sinker rig is a good option when bottom fishing, two hook rigs are often used by anglers when fishing in deeper water for mangrove snapper.

This link includes more information about mangrove snapper and how to catch one!

Locations to fish for mangrove snapper

Mangrove snapper is a popular species that can be found in many different areas. Florida Keys is a common mangrove snapper fishing hotspot, this area has clear warm waters and plenty of baitfish. Venice, Louisiana has multiple oil rigs and natural structures which attracts large mangrove snapper usually from late spring to early fall. The Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest fishing locations in North America, also having clear warm waters with natural structures making a good opportunity from spring to summer.

In conclusion, fishing for mangrove snapper is not difficult with the right knowledge. There are plenty of different fishing techniques, lures and locations for you to catch a mangrove snapper, come book with us and catch one yourself!


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