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Are Redfish Good to Eat?

Oct 18, 2023

What is a Redfish

 A Redfish is an inshore game fish that is delicious to eat. Orange Beach, Alabama is home to tons of restaurants that prepare Redfish in multiple ways, not to mention most of the restaurants in Orange Beach are in beautiful views of waters where the Redfish are caught. 

Catching and Cooking 

While Orange Beach is known for its wide variety of seafood restaurants, many of our customers like to catch the redfish they cook. Many Anglers commonly refer to this process as a “Hook N’ Cook”. While a lot of restaurants offer “Hook N’ Cook”,  a lot of servers for their patrons, most sportsmen prefer to do the cooking themselves. One of the easiest ways to cook Redfish would be to broil or bake it in an oven. The link here can show you in detail can show what recipes their are

What does good Redfish taste like

Redfish is often described as having a medium flakey texture, in addition to having a mildly sweet taste, thus making the fish easy to prepare with other varieties of foods. Although this may be true, not all Redfish will taste the same.  like many other gane animals, in my personal opinion, the smaller, actually taste better. With this being the case, keeping in mind the legal length of harvesting Redfish in Orange Beach AL according to Gulf Shores Alabama Tourism, the legal minimum is 16 inches with 26 inches being maximum legal size for Redfish. 

The most productive water for redfish around Orange Beach would include Fort Morgan, Old River, Perdido Pass, slightly offshore. https://www.gulfshores.com/blog/things-to-do/fishing/redfish-invasion/#:~:text=To%20ensure%20the%20redfish%20population,bag%20limit%20of%20three%20fish.

In conclusion, yes, Redfish are good to eat. While we have highlighted Orange Beach, Alabama in this particular article. Redfish can be found in Texas all the way through the Carolinas. Spring and fall provide the best inshore fishing action. But don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself!

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