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Travel Insurance: Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance: Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance may seem like one more expense. However, sometimes things happen that are just out of your control to foresee. Below are some of the typical things that can happen while, on, or before a vacation is about to happen. Consider protecting your vacation investment.

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Did someone get sick, a family member dies, you’re required to work, or your house floods? With trip cancellation coverage you’ll be able to recover out of pocket expenses and be covered for these reasons.

Miss Connection Coverage

You’ve planned a cruise, but your flight has been delayed. This will now force you to miss your boat’s departure. How can you make it to the ship? With miss connection coverage, you’ll be able to get a flight to another porting location of your trip. This way you won’t miss out on your vacation and these extra costs can be covered.

Trip Interruption Coverage

While attending a corporate function, you’ve been informed that your flight home has been canceled due to a heavy snowstorm. With trip interruption coverage, you’ll be able to use the money from your flight ticket to book a new flight home or stay in a hotel.

Weather Damage Travel Insurance

You’ve planned the perfect bachelor party, but a hurricane has forced the place you’re staying at to evacuate. With weather damage coverage, you’ll be able to get refunded all your prepaid costs for that trip.

Terrorism Coverage

You’ve planned a vacation to one of your favorite destinations but while doing so a terrorist group holds the hotel you are staying at hostage. This causes you to miss your flight, since you are forced to stay inside. With terrorism coverage, your expenses will be covered and you’ll be able to book a new flight home at no extra cost.

Travel Medical Coverage

While night vision hog hunting your friend mistakes you as an animal and shoots you. With travel medical coverage you won’t be left with a hefty medical bill. Instead, all of your expenses will be paid for and you can choose which medical facility you would like to receive your treatment.

Delayed Bag Coverage

You’ve packed your fishing and hunting equipment but your flight lost your luggage. With delayed bag coverage, you’ll get reimbursed to buy new clothing, as well as all items that have been lost, even the suitcase you packed all your stuff in.

Lost Passport Coverage

You had a wonderful time at the resort you stayed at in Finland. However, you left your passport in your room and as you returned to retrieve it, it’s no longer there. With lost passport coverage, you’ll have the assistance to get a new passport without paying for it.

Financial Default Coverage

You’ve planned an expensive vacation with a lodge in Texas. However, in recent days you’ve discovered the lodge has filed for bankruptcy and now you are stuck with the bill with no chance of a refund. With financial default coverage, you’ll be able to get all your expenses back, as well as suggestions on where to book your trip elsewhere.

What Intercoastal Safaris Suggests

As sportsmen, we all know things don’t always go according to plan. Rain, canceled flights, hurricanes and any number of issues can mess with our best-laid plans. With that being the case, Intercoastal Safaris strongly suggests our guests consider purchasing CPO Sportsman’s Travel Insurance (PDF) for any excursion that involves lodging or carries a total price of over $1,000. It’s the smart thing to do!

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