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Quail Hunting 101

Quail Hunting 101

“Life is too short to go quail hunting with the wrong people.” – Jimmy Carter, 39th US President

Quail hunting is popular throughout the country for several reasons.  Some of the major contributing factors to its popularity as a sport is the accessibility to the masses and the social appeal.  In this blog post, we dive into these factors of quail hunting and encourage our non-sporting friends to give quail hunting a shot (pun intended).

Quail Hunting 101: Overview

Since the early 1900’s to the modern age, quail hunting, remains to be one of North America’s more popular activities among sportsmen. According to a recent study from Quail Forever, there are over one million active quail hunters in the USA. Bobwhite quail are widely regarded as the unicentral upland game bird. This particular species is prevalent from the hill country of TX to the coastal plains region of MS, AL, GA & SC. Traditional southern style plantation hunts can be found in this region.  The quail habitat throughout the southeast consists of relatively flat terrain. Covered in tall grass or remanence of row crops such as sorghum with scattered hardwoods and pines.

The American Southwest boasts its own set of unique features. With Gambel’s, Scale, Northern Bobwhite & Montezuma quail found in AZ, UT & NM these hunts are very different from whats offered in the southeast. The terrain can be ruffer and with quail, trading tall grass for rock outcroppings, the hunts in this area can be much more physical and involve a great deal of walking. Quail hunting often leads to bonus birds such as pheasant, chucker, grouse & pigeon.

Quail Hunting 101: A Social Sport

Growing up I had the pleasure of quail hunting in Georgia with my father, uncle & brother. My father had the similar experience as a youth growing up in Alabama while dove hunting with his father & brothers. Quail hunting is among the more social shooting sports. Hunting parties often include anywhere from 2 to 4 hunters a guide and a few bird dogs. Birds hiding in the bush are flushed out of their cover, by dogs, thus becoming a flying target. Obviously, the birds know your coming so you don’t have to be quiet and hide. A small hunting party can stay within close proximity to one another and enjoy conversation throughout the day. Many upland game hunters will tell you that their favorite part of the hunt is watching the dogs work. Some of the more popular breeds include Boyken spaniels, German shorthair pointers & golden retrievers.

Quail Hunting 101: Getting Started

One of the largest contributing factors to the popularity of quail hunting is the accessibility of the sport.  Most major southern cities are a short drive from a quail preserve. These preserves offer a great outlet for a 1/2 day hunt. Licensing requirements are fairly simple. Small game permits can be purchased for around $20 online from the state’s department of fish & game. Equipment consists of long sleeve shirt, durable paints, boots, an orange vest or hat & a shotgun with ammo. I personally shoot a double barrel 12 gage but 20 & 28 gauge shotguns are popular as well. Unless otherwise stated a 2.75 in. #7 0r #8 led shot will suffice. If your vest doesn’t have shell pockets, you may want a bandolier to easily access your shells.

Quail Hunting 101: Book Today

Intercoastal Safaris offers a variety of quail hunting options. We offer 1/2 day and full day hunts to our guest in the Orange Beach, Al & Panama City Beach, FL areas. Small game hunting permits for both Alabama & Florida can be purchased online.

No trip to the coast is complete without a little saltwater fishing. Our Upland Cast & Blast is an excellent opportunity for the sportsman what wants to make a day of the woods and water. Our day starts off with a hot breakfast followed by a 1/2 day AM quail hunt. After a wild game meal of your day’s bounty with all the fixings, your off to conquer the inshore waterways in search of speckled trout & redfish. It’s hard to imagine a better way to end the day than eating fresh seafood and enjoying a round of drinks with your guest. That’s why the upland cast & blast include breakfast, lunch, dinner, ground & field transportation to and from the quail fields and fishing boat. The Upland Cast & Blast is well suited to treat a small group of family & friends.

Call our office 850-575-2223 for booking your next “Uniquely Coastal Hunting & Fishing” adventure.


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