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Quail Hunting in South Alabama

Quail Hunting in South Alabama

South Alabama has long been home to some of the world’s premier quail hunting habitats; however, through the decades modern farming techniques have had negative effects on quail habitat. With the decline of the quail population, many hunters turned to hunting larger game, and as a result bird hunting slowed down. The memory of a covey rise and dogs on point was a memory many hunters didn’t want to see lost. With less land to hunt, due to deforestation , people started turning to game preserves for their upland game hunting adventures.


Bobwhite quail is a ground-dwelling bird which is native to the US as well as Canada, Mexico, & the Caribbean. As previously stated the population of this species is on the decline with a decrease of 85% from 1966-2014. These are moderately-sized birds measuring between 9-11 inches in length and a 13-15 inch wingspan. Males can be distinguished by their white throat and brown stripe bordered by black. The females are similar is appearance yet duller with a buff throat and the brow does not have a black border. Their whistle is recognized by a “bob-white” call form which it is name is derived. The bobwhite quail keeps within dense cover and can be difficult to find; they are heard more often than seen. Which is why the use of dogs proves to be beneficial for flushing them out..


Bobwhite quail season starts in November and continues through February. Bird dogs work the fields best during this time because of the cooler temperatures thus increasing hunters chances for a covey rise (when the birds fly up at once as a group). Upland game hunting is one of the more social outings in wingshooting because you actually want to be seen and heard, not just to frighten the birds but also for safety reasons. Watching the guide and dogs work together is nothing short of astonishing. The dogs are trained to scout out the field then go on point notifying the hunter of the bird’s location. The dogs also play a huge roll in retrieval as they can work through denser areas and chase down any injured bird that tries to run. A good quail hunt is great for first time hunters.


Upland game hunting in the Gulf Shores, AL area is one of the more memorable experiences our clients tell us they’ve had while visiting the beach. Our hunts can accommodate large groups and hospitality services can easily be added which also makes this a solid option for corporate events. To make the most of your weekend try our Upland Cast and Blast option. This option includes quail hunting with inshore or fly fishing. Call our hospitality desk 850-375-2223 to enjoy a day of harvesting quail right here in the Gulf Shores, AL area.




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