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Saltwater Bowfishing for Families

Saltwater Bowfishing for Families


Saltwater bowfishing is increasing in popularity, especially along the Gulf Coast. It’s a great sport for any one to try regardless of their previous experience shooting bows. In fact, we find many sportsman that are used to shooting a bow from a tree stand have a harder time educating their muscle memory than those new to the sport all together. Therefore, many families are surprised that the sport is much more approachable than they once thought.

This hunt starts at dark on a shallow draft inshore boat with lights mounted around its perimeter. This provides hunters with better visibility while cruising the barrier islands, saltwater flats, and beaches (depending on the season). Sheepshead, flounder, mullet and stingrays are among the popular targets. Stingrays, if shot in the wing, may be released back in the water if the guests do not wish to keep it to eat. The captain will cut off it’s barb so that the guests can take it as a trophy if they so choose.


Saltwater Bowfishing for Families: Great for Kids

Our boats are equipped with youth size bows. These bows make for a very easy draw. The boats also include gigs to provide a variety in the hunt. Sometimes, crab traps will be set out and checked while scoping out a good spot to hunt. This is definitely not a typical fishing trip in the eyes of kids. There is no sitting and waiting with bowfishing because you are actively looking for your target.


Saltwater Bowfishing for Families: Ecological Tours

Saltwater Bowfishing isn’t just about the hunt. The lights on the boat illuminate the waters to worlds never seen before. Our guests will be able to see bait fish,shrimp, eels swimming by and watch crabs walk around on the sand bottom. You really never know just what you will see. Kids love to see all the activity that goes on below the surface.The captains are very knowledgeable of the waters and species in the surrounding areas and enjoy educating our guests.

If you would like more information on saltwater bowfishing with Intercoastal Safaris and the great experience it offers in the Gulf Shores area, please call our hospitality desk at 850-375-2223. We hope that you will take advantage of this new, epic experience for you and your family.


Written by: Ashley Conway

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