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How Quail Hunting Can Be A Social Sport

How Quail Hunting Can Be A Social Sport

Setting The Scene For Quail Hunting

It’s 7AM, we arrive to the quail hunting habitat. Getting out of the truck the morning mist slowly rises off the ground and the sun starts to touch the horizon. Our pointer setter friends are hyped and excited as they point their noses straight into the sky getting a whiff of the nearby quail, ready for the opportunity to strike out a few good laps of their hunting grounds. We put on our orange vests and the hunting guide goes over the basics of the hunt.

“Gentlemen, for this mornings hunt I want to make you aware of a few rules to this hunt. Keep the chamber unloaded until we approach our shot, and always keep your shot above eye level. Any shots below eye level will result in the end of the hunt… no exceptions. Other than that lets have a good time.”

The Social Part of Quail Hunting

We fill our pockets with shells and we start our walk around the natural habitat. The dog is set loose as he scouts the field. We talk about the common things in life. That’s the great thing about quail hunting. There is no stand to sit in and wait, you don’t have to whisper. It’s a great time to break lose of what is on your mind and enjoy time with friends in mother natures playground.

Hunting Is An Act of Sportsmanship

As we are in mid conversation, the dog stands still, paw off the ground and tail pointed straight. He sees our first opportunity at a shot. The guide points to his left and to his right and asks me to cover behind him. We walk in a straight line through the sorghum grass preparing for the bird to take flight. Kicking the ground startles the bob white quail and off it flies to the right. Shots are taken, bird has been hit, remaining shells are unloaded from the gun and we congratulate each other on a great shot taken. While the dog retrieves the bird, we continue our conversation where we had left off.

No Tee Times, No Bunkers, No Set Time

While golf is considered to be the gentlemen’s sport, I would like to renegotiate that quail hunting may actually be the true sport for gentlemen. Since there are no tee times, you’re not playing against each other, and you’re not waiting on the group in front of you. Quail hunting is a team sport, an opportunity to build each other up, and enjoy the great times spent together in the woods. At the end of the hunt, it wasn’t about how many birds we shot. It was however about quality time spent in the field with people we enjoy being with.

Quail hunting can present an experience of a lifetime. If you’re looking for a relaxed hunting environment, give us a call. We would love for you to experience a gentleman’s hunt such as this one. 850-375-2223.

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