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Where Is The Most Affordable Fishing Vacation Located?

Where Is The Most Affordable Fishing Vacation Located?

Search No Longer For The Perfect Fishing Vacation

So you’ve been scouring the internet in search of the perfect mini vacation you and your friends deserve. If you stumbled across this blog, then you’re in luck! We make the process super simple by combining your lodging and fishing into one simple price! Our kick back and relax package gives 4 guests the opportunity to enjoy beach front access while choosing from a variety of fishing options during their stay.

So Many Different Types Of Fishing To Choose From On Vacation

Your mini vacation includes a 4 hour fishing trip of your choice! We believe that you shouldn’t be limited to one kind of fishing. That’s why we give you a plethora of options when it comes to that perfect trip you’re desiring.

Inshore Fishing

Cruise the bays, and intracoastal waterways for redfish, speckled trout, & sheepshead. This trip is for the weak stomachs. No need to worry about getting seasick. Water is typically flat and fun to fish.

Nearshore Fishing

Head out into the gulf but stay close to the beach. The fish available for nearshore fishing offer a few more opportunites. Redfish, speckled trout, black drum, pampano, flounder, sheepshead, sharks, ladyfish, whiting, and catfish can be expected as options during this kind of trip.

Offshore Fishing

Head offshore between 3-10 miles. If you’re looking to catch some trophy facebook pics or just looking for a harder bite than you might want to go offshore fishing. Mahi Mahi, king and spanish mackerel, triggerfish, & grouper are what you can expect to go after. If red snapper season is open you can expect to fish for those as well. However, if you want to red snapper fish you’ll have to pay just a bit more as its a limited season.

Shark Fishing

There are two options when it comes to shark fishing. This can be done either by boat or by land. If by land you’ll have to purchase your own fishing license, but both trips are fairly close to the shore. You’ll be surprised at the size of these monsters swimming so close to shore. Certainly the kind of trip you’ll want to big if you wanna go for big fish.

Surf Fishing

Maybe being on a boat just isn’t for you. Sleep in a bit, let the sunrise and meet your guide on the beach in front of your condo. You’ll be fishing for everything that was mentioned in the nearshore fishing option. You’ll have to purchase your own fishing license, but you’ll be fishing with an expert guide that knows how to hook into the big ones. It’s a fun trip for families with young kids.

Dock Light Fishing

Similar to inshore fishing, dock light fishing offers the opportunity to escape the summer heat and fish the docks attached to the island. Dock light fishing will target redfish and speckled trout mostly. However, if the sheepshead are lingering you’ll be able to hook into those as well. Its also an experience to see how the fish swim and react at night.


A popular sport that is only continuing to grow. Bright LED lights are attached to the boat and light up the water surrounding the boat. It’s your mission with bow and arrow to shoot your dinner. If you’re looking for a challenging fishing trip, then this would be a good option for you. Prepare for lots of laughs and when you hit your target a sense of accomplishment will come over you. Great for families as young ones can experience all the different types of fish swimming in the water.


Team up with your Captain and head off for a trip where you primary goal is to get a bucketful of shrimp. Yes, these are the shrimp you find at your local supermarket! We recommend this trip to families as its an ecological tour. Our captains will educate your family on all the different type of aquatic life living in the intracoastal waterway. It’s not uncommon to see dolphins on this trip either.

How Many Fish Can I Keep Or What Do I Do With Them?

Depending on where you’re traveling from, we have a few options you can consider. If you’re driving down here bring a cooler for your fish. Dry ice can be purchased at a local Publix during your stay. Just lay your fish over dry ice and you’ll be fine till you get home from vacation.

Take your fresh catch to the Flora Bama Yacht Club! We’ve partnered exclusively with the chefs at the yacht club. When you arrive, let the hostess know you’re with Intercoastal Safaris and you’ll be taken care of promptly. You’ll be having your fish cooked by international award winning seafood chefs. You won’t believe how good your fish will taste.

We don’t pressure out guests in having to keep their fish. If you’re simply looking for a catch and release experience, just let your captain know before you leave the dock. We aren’t all about harvesting fish, catching and releasing is just as important to us.

This All Sounds Great But How Much Does This Vacation Cost?

This type of package was created for groups of 4 people. With the total cost coming to $300 a person. This price point includes all taxes and cleaning fees associated with you stay. If you’re fishing from a boat your fishing license is included. All equipment, bait, tackle, equipment, and fish cleaning is included in your trip. If you’re ready to book your trip, give us a call at 850-375-2223. We have a hospitality manager standing by to help with your reservation!

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