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The Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms: How to Book the Perfect Family Fishing Charter with Intercoastal Safaris

The Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms: How to Book the Perfect Family Fishing Charter with Intercoastal Safaris

The Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms: How to Book the Perfect Family Fishing Charter with Intercoastal Safaris
As a busy mom, finding the perfect activity that brings your family together can be a challenge. However, a family fishing charter with Intercoastal Safaris offers an easy way to make that happen. Fishing charters are a way to combine relaxation, excitement, and quality time with loved ones. Here’s how you can book the right fishing charter trip for your family without the hassle.

1. Choose the Right Type of Charter

Intercoastal Safaris offers a variety of fishing charters tailored to different preferences and experience levels. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:
• Inshore Fishing: Because inshore takes place in the intracoastal waterways and bays it can provide a calmer more controlled environment, making it the perfect for families with young children, these trips stay close to shore, ensuring calm waters and shorter travel times.
• Offshore Fishing: Ideal for families with older kids or teens, these trips venture further out to sea, offering the chance to catch a wider variety of larger fish. Due to how far out these trips can travel, it is best to be overprepared for seasickness and bring medicine, drinks, etc.
• Specialty Charters: For those who have gone charter fishing before, specialty charters such as bowfishing, flounder gigging, or saltwater flyfishing can provide a unique option and a bit of a challenging twist. For those looking for something new.
• Surf Fishing: Fishing from shore can provide a great opportunity for people to catch some of the same species that the charter boats are targeting without leaving the comfort of land. These trips are almost always in the morning and are a good way to introduce those with little experience to the world of saltwater fishing. Obviously sea sickness won’t be an issue with these.

2. Consider the Duration

Depending on your family’s schedule and the ages of your children, you’ll want to select a charter length that suits everyone’s needs. For first time fisherman, a shorter trip is probably your safest best, and a few captains also offer a 2 hour trip specifically designed for small children. Additionally keep in mind that not everyone likes to be up at 6 in the morning, so be sure to check our website for afternoon and evening options.
• 4 Hour Trips: Great for younger children or families new to fishing, these trips typically stay relatively close to shore. While these trips are shorter in duration of the overall trip, you tend to spend more time fishing due to travelling shorter distances.
• 6 Hour Trips: Great for older kids and teenagers, these trips typically go up to 9 miles offshore. While most of the trolling will happen on the way out and the way back in from the bottom fishing spots, a lot of the time the more productive locations are found close to the 9 mile line. If needing a bathroom onboard or being able to escape the elements is important, those amenities are normally found on boats that run 6 hour trips or longer.
• Custom Charters: If you and your family know exactly what you want to fish for, feel free to give us a call at (850) 375-2223 and we can give you the options available based on your needs. If it’s big fish you’re after, a half day or full day trip or if you want to change it up completely we offer 4 hour saltwater bowfishing, flyfishing and shore fishing.

3. Plan Ahead and Book Early

To ensure you get the date and type of charter that best suits your family, it’s important to plan ahead by booking as far out as possible. Keep in mind, everybody else reading this blog wants to go on the weekends as well. Here at Intercoastal Safaris we do suggest fishing in the middle of the week if at all possible, due to less boat traffic. Saltwater fishing is popular all along the gulf coast, especially during peak seasons. Don’t wait until you are at the beach to book your fishing trip. Here’s a simple checklist:

• Select Your Dates: Look at your family’s calendar and pick a few potential dates. You’ll want to book your trip earlier in your stay in case of potential cancellations due to inclement weather. Booking the trip on the front end of your trip gives us the flexibility to reschedule you while you are still here.
• Check Availability: Contact Intercoastal Safaris or use their online booking system to check availability for your preferred dates and a captain you would like to book with, as well as length of trip you have picked out. Through our website you can send a booking request and in some cases instantly book with our captains.
• Secure Your Spot: Book early to avoid disappointment, especially if you’re planning your trip during school vacations or holidays.

4. Prepare for the Trip

Preparation is key to a smooth and enjoyable fishing trip. Here’s what you need to do:
• Pack Essentials: Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, snacks, and plenty of water.
• Dress Appropriately: Light, comfortable clothing and non-slip shoes are a must. Bring a light jacket for cooler mornings.
• Review the Policies: Keep in mind that cancellation policies will vary from captain to captain and that a full refund can only be issued if cancelled within our guidelines.

5. Communicate Special Needs

Every family is unique, and Intercoastal Safaris is committed to accommodating your specific requirements. If you have young children, special needs, or any other considerations, be sure to communicate these when booking. The team will work to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

6. Embrace the Experience

Fishing is not just about catching fish; it’s about creating lasting memories. Encourage your kids to ask questions, learn about marine life, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Intercoastal Safaris does have experienced guides that specialize on fishing with kids and will make sure the trip is educational and fun.


The main value that Intercoastal Safaris brings to the table is we actually take the time to understand the experience that you are looking for. Look at us as a match making service between those wanting to fish and the captains that can best meet their desired needs. We use to like saying there are no stupid questions, but no we do not offer a guarantee that you will take home fish, if that’s what you are looking for we encourage you to visit Rouse’s or Publix. For all other questions, feel free to give us a call and allow us the chance to earn your business.

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