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Learn to Surf Fish

Learn to Surf Fish

“If people focused on the really important things in life, there would be a shortage of fishing poles” ~ Doug Larsen

Beach Fishing : Fishing The Surf

Beach fishing can commonly be known as “Poor Man’s Fishing” due to the fact that it’s fishing without a boat. However the sport that has seen a rise in popularity can in fact sometimes be more effective than fishing from a vessel. If you know what you’re looking for in the water you can easily find where the fish are at. Below are some basic tips and guidelines that may help you become a more successful surf fisherman.

What To Look For : Structures

Let it be known that Google Maps may actually be a great option when trying to nail down a good fishing spot. It allows you to zoom in close enough to see where sand dune lines and sinkable objects are located in the shallows. Sand dunes are usually a good indicator of natural structure that can be spotted on google maps.Structure is extremely important to fish. Fish basically are in a constant game of hide and seek.

Understanding High and Low Tides

One of the most important factors when fishing from the beach (or fishing in general) is understanding tides. A common question can be, is it better to fish during a low or high tide. Studies have shown that fishing is typically better when a tide is on the move, however the best time to surf fish would be a “falling tide”. This sweet online app shows you predicted high and low tides. Looking at the low tide time frame and fishing it two hours before tide movement begins, has shown to produce the most activity.

Bird Watching And Water Patterns

Usually gone unnoticed are all those birds you see diving towards the water. Unfortunately they aren’t just frolicing or playing a amusing game. In fact, they are hunting top water bait fish. These fish are being drawn to the surface because their predators are swimming below. If you see this happening out in the water it means that the predator fish that you’re going after are about to be in the zone where your bait is located! When choosing a spot on the beach try to find a place where you see a wave break its formation. This happens because the wave has passed between 2 sandbars and the water has found a deeper part of the surface. If a wave turns flat, it’s a perfect sign of where to cast your bait.

Can I Use Worms For Fishing The Beach?

While you could try and use worms for beach fishing, you may not have the kind of results you’re looking for. Most local surf fisherman suggest that you use bait that is natural to the habitat your currently in. A good option would be to watch this video (click here). This surf fisherman goes over how to find sand fleas and what to look for as the water reseeds. Sometimes the best bait isn’t at your local bait shop but in fact waiting to be caught from the place you’re choosing to fish at. Remember that the fish you’re looking to catch are not in the location you’re casting for the fun of it. They are feeding on whatever bait is already naturally there.

Are There Guides I Can Book Trips With?

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of buying your own equipment or learning how to find fish. You can always choose to book through an expert guide. Here at Intercoastal Safaris we have guides that are able to not only help you catch fish, but willing to show you what to look for when fishing from the beach. Check out our fishing school page here on out site, or just check out our surf fishing option. Any other information needed can be solved by calling our front desk at 850-375-2223.

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