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3 Kid-Friendly Fishing Trips

3 Kid-Friendly Fishing Trips

3 Kid-Friendly Fishing Trips

Written by: Ashley Conway


“To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter.”  ~ P. T. Barnum


Children aren’t going to be little forever, they will be all grown up soon enough. For this reason it’s  important to spend time with them as often as you can. If your kids are anything like mine, they tend to be glued to their devices rather than playing outside getting dirty like we did growing up.Taking kids fishing is a great way to disconnect from the distractions of today and connect with one another. I believe that any kid can and should fish, at least once. Choosing a kid-friendly fishing trips will help ensure that your family experience is a positive one. Here are our top 3 suggested fishing trips for kids:



Surf Fishing is a trip for anglers of all ages. With surf fishing, you and your kids never have to set foot on a boat, therefore, no sea sickness!  This trip is also much easier to reschedule should weather conditions not cooperate on the day of the trip. Pompano, whiting, redfish, and flounder are among the most popular catches when surf fishing but, don’t throw out the chance of snagging a small sand shark or stingray. Never knowing what might sneak up on your bait is what makes surf fishing exciting.



Shrimping provides a value filled educational experience and introduces kids to the biodiversity of coastal waters. Shrimp nets (trawl) don’t just bring in shrimp. Several species are caught in the net such as blue crabs, stingrays, and varieties of fish. This trip doesn’t require any fishing poles which makes this a super easy trip for really young kids. In addition to catching different species, shrimping many times, brings in a visit from our popular friends, the dolphins! Dolphins love to swim behind shrimp nets. They know a quick and easy meal is soon to follow.  They love to eat the fish that are thrown back when the nets are pulled in and sorted through. This is one of the highlights of any shrimping trip for kids. A shrimping trip isn’t the cleanest experience, so make sure your family wears footwear that can get messy and is easy to clean.



A dock light fishing trip is a great way to beat the heat. With this trip you and your family can sleep late and enjoy a day at the beach or relaxing by the pool. Then after the sunsets prepare to venture out around the bays and lagoons where waters are illuminated by the many docks on the waters. Monster redfish, speckled trout, and flounder are attracted by dock lights. If you are going dock light fishing during the summer this can be a great way to stay out of the sun. While regular beach attire is sufficient, one thing you will want to wear is BUG SPRAY. If you are fishing during the fall and winter months, dressing warmly or in layers is always a good idea.



If you and your family will be around the day after your fishing trip, ask your fishing guides about hook and cook options. Local chef will cook your catch using delicious recipes. This is another great way to complete your family’s fishing trip. If you catch a stingray, why not give that a try. They are a delicious fish and gives way to an entirely new culinary experience.


Don’t let the preconceived notion that fishing with kids will be a daunting task. Take advantage of some of the great opportunities out there that are perfect for kids of all ages. Here at Intercoastal Safaris we take time to understand our customer needs and easily create memorable family sporting experiences. If you would like to get more information on any of these trips contact our hospitality desk at 850-375-2223 and find your perfect trip.

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