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Fall Fishing in Destin

Fall Fishing in Destin

Destin is a great place to fish during the fall. I mean what could be better than perfect weather, football, and fishing. With the closing of Red Snapper season, the charter boat industry seems to slow down a bit because of the myth that there’s no good fishing in Fall. The truth is that Fall has always been the best time of the year to take your fishing trip. This is also the time of the year when the charter boat industry could really use everyone’s help.

Fall Fishing in Destin | Nearshore

Destin has an opportunity for every angler, no matter the skill level. Whether you want to go surf/pier fishing or going out in the boat, you’re sure to have a great trip. This time of year there are significantly fewer boats on the water, often making for a better all-around trip. Especially when fishing nearshore. While the sharks, mackerel, and sailfish tend to be strongest during September & early November, the blackfin Tuna continue to bite strong through Winter. My personal favorite way to target them is fly fishing.

Fall Fishing in Destin | Offshore

Further offshore our bigger boats are targeting wahoo, marlin, sailfish, & yellowfin tuna. For yellowfin Tuna, we often head west to deeper waters around oil and natural gas rigs. Obviously we’re trolling along the way hoping for billfish. These trips are at least 24 hour trips and are not for first time big game fisherman.

Fall Fishing in Destin | The Fish

Sheepshead start showing up in October. In recent years their numbers have not peaked until much later (Jan/Feb). Sheepshead may be found around any structure such as docks and rubble pilings closer to the shore. Big bull reds can also be found in higher concentration populations near the shore in October and November as well. In addition to all the great fishing opportunities found in Destin in the Fall, be sure to take advantage of lower lodging rates as well.

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