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How to catch redfish in Destin, FL

How to catch redfish in Destin, FL

Seasons to catch redfish in Destin, FL

Redfish in Destin’s inshore waters can be caught year round however, redfish locations can vary depending on time of year and temperature of waters. Redfish commonly spawn in the spring months of March and May in Destin, Florida. Redfish typically move closer to jetties or reefs in September as well as November. During the summertime, redfish are abundantly found in reefs, flats, potholes, bridges, and grass flats.

Where to catch redfish in Destin, FL

When trying to catch redfish in Destin, FL focus on the oyster bars, jetties & inshore reefs. Some Destin hotspots for catching redfish include Destin Harbor, Choctawhatchee River, Hogtown Bayou and the East Pass jetties. Keep in mind the weather when fishing for redfish in Destin, when the water is warmer redfish will seek deeper and cooler waters. When fishing in locations like Choctawhatchee river or East Jetties, it’s more beneficial to use light tackle and weights. This link includes redfish size and bag limit with methods you may not use when catching redfish in Destin FL.

Best bait for catching redfish in Destin, FL

Local anglers commonly use live bait including croakers, shrimp, mullet and small crab when catching redfish in Destin, but if you prefer article lures, you can use paddle tails, swim baits, curly tail grubs, and trolling lures can also get the job done. Redfish often look for crustaceans, such as shrimp and crab around structures like oyster beds, bridge pilings, shell bars, or shallow flats. In addition, shallow water near deep drop offs also allows opportunities for redfish to feed off of.

In conclusion, Destin has long been considered to be a redfish hotspot . It’s important to realize where redfish can be caught throughout different seasons. In addition, it’s also important to know the fishing rules and regulations at Destin, Florida. Now that you have common knowledge on catching redfish in Destin, come book with us!

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