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How to catch redfish in Pensacola

How to catch redfish in Pensacola

Where to catch redfish in Pensacola

You can catch redfish in Pensacola in locations like Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, Fort Pickens, 3 mile bridge, and Garcon Point. Redfish can be caught all year round but summer and spring is the most common time to catch redfish on Perdido bay. You have a good chance of catching redfish from a pier, bridge or anywhere along Pensacola Beach. Here’s a link that includes a picture chart of fishing rules and regulations of Pensacola so you can fish effectively and legally.

What bait to use when catching redfish in Pensacola

Live bait such as shrimp, small crab, sand fleas, finger mullet and minnows can be beneficial when catching redfish in Pensacola. In addition, when fishing for redfish in high-tide on the shoreline, the most effective bait to use is white bait or pilchard with 1/0 to 3/0 sized circle hook, depending on the size of the white bait. When fishing in grass flats and low tides, your leader should vary between 20 lbs and 25lbs. Keep in mind, when fishing from the dock heavier tackle and leaders are desired.

Seasons to catch redfish in Pensacola

Catching redfish in Pensacola is an year-round event, but the Pensacola Pass is very popular during the fall months for catching bull reds. You can also catch redfish in shallow flats, backwater creeks, marshes, and docks during the summer fishing season. However, Forts Fishing Pier is connected to the Pensacola Pass which gives a perfect opportunity to catch redfish as well as Speckled Trout, Flounder, Spanish, King Mackerel and Sheepshead (in the winter).

To sum it all up, there are multiple bays, docks and bridges to catch redfish in Pensacola. Redfish can be caught all year round and on many different baits. The weight of your leader should vary depending on if fishing from a shallow pass or a dock. The fastest way to learn about catching Redfish in Pensacola is to go with a pro fishing guide… Obviously we can help with that.


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