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Shark fishing laws in Mississippi

Shark fishing laws in Mississippi

Recreational and Commercial shark limit laws in Mississippi

Recreational shark limit laws in Mississippi states that fishermen may keep no more than one coastal and pelagic shark species per person and must be at least 25-inches to keep. However, Mississippi commercial fishing laws enforce that you must have a commercial fishing license to participate in shark fishing, also the practice of “finning” which is removing fins and throwing the remaining shark back into the sea is illegal in Mississippi.  This link includes more of Mississippi’s commercial fishing laws and regulations.


Legal sharks to catch in Mississippi

Legal sharks to catch in Mississippi can include Black-tip sharks, Sharp-nose sharks, Big-nose sharks, and a variety of different Hammerheads. Sandbar Sharks do have strict regulations and laws regarding only fishermen who have a “research fishery permit” issued by National Marine Fisheries, may catch these species of sharks. Keeping in mind that if you do not have this specific permit when catching Sandbar Sharks, it is considered illegal by Mississippi federal laws, and you will be fined.


Methods & Bait to use when catching sharks in Mississippi

The most common method of catching sharks in Mississippi is fishing with dead or live bait which can vary depending on what type of shark is targeted. For example, bull sharks are attracted to pieces of fresh or frozen fish known as cut bait, whereas Tiger sharks prefer live bait such as mackerel, bluefish, and tuna. Sharp-nose sharks much like Black-tip Sharks mostly feed on crustaceans, smaller bait, and other mollusks. Blacktip sharks also respond well to lures. As mentioned earlier in this article, “finning” is illegal and where in other states may be an option when catching sharks but is prohibited in Mississippi. This law is largely in place to the demand for shark fins from Asian communities. For a quick overview of shark finning practices click here… and be outraged.


With all this being said, shark fishing laws in Mississippi are mostly enforced to keep specific shark species from becoming endangered. Keeping in mind what permits or licenses you may need when catching sharks in Mississippi, can keep you and others safe. Shark fishing laws can vary depending on state and what shark you’re targeting. It’s also important to know Mississippi recreational and commercial limit laws as well as what methods are illegal to use. If these limited laws and regulations sound a bit much, we work with many experienced professionals that can guide and help you through the process, call now!

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