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Dauphin Island Fall Fishing Report

Dauphin Island Fall Fishing Report

Dauphin island fishing in September

September is typically a migrating month for fish in Dauphin Island bay, where they tend to be found in middle areas of the bay. Fishermen commonly catch Flounder, Redfish, and Speckled trout in areas like Dog River and Fish River. Snapper and Grouper can also be found in South Dauphin Island in September, whereas Wahoo and Mahi Mahi inhabit waters 50 miles from Dauphin Island shoreline around floating debris or seabed structure. Mahi Mahi, much like Wahoo, are caught on live bait such as mullet, squid, or ballyhoo usually caught by a method known as “trolling”, which includes dragging your bait behind the boat with slow movement.


Dauphin Island fishing in October

In October, you’re more likely to catch Red drum, Flounder, Pompano, and Black Drum in Dauphin Island, commonly on the gulf side where hotspots are located such as Pelican South Pier and Dauphin Island Pier. You can also fish off the west end beach, in addition, has many sandbar drop offs where fish feed. Keep in mind that live bait includes Pinfish, Croaker, and even fresh cut mullet can lead to big catches in Dauphin Island. Here’s a link that includes a chart of a few fish species and what’s the best season to catch them in Dauphin Island.


Dauphin island fishing in November

Redfish become active around areas like beaches and sandbars in Dauphin island during November. The most popular time to catch redfish in Dauphin island is the first week of November when it’s still warm with curly tail hooks and 3 oz. jigs. Not to mention, you can also catch various types of Snapper, Grouper, and Mackerel in November. There are several areas in Dauphin island that have public surf fishing spots as well as wade fishing. Additional fishing hotspots in November are Billy Goat Hole Pier and multiple jetties off the coast. A few tips to keep in mind when fishing near surfs and jetties is you don’t always have to use live bait, artificial lures such as spoons, jigs, and plastics can work just as well with calm water and winds. Many fish species feed around dusk or dawn making this one of the best times to go fishing in Dauphin island. Heavy rods and rigs are not needed on Dauphin Island, as you will most catch Stingrays or sharks.


In conclusion, Dauphin island fall fishing has many different hotspots and species of fish that can be caught during a specific season. It’s important to know what seasons are effective  and when different fish become active on Dauphin island. There are several jetties, piers and beaches that offer surf and wade fishing that can be used with live or artificial baits. If this sounds interesting to you, call now and book with us for your next fall fishing trip to Dauphin Island!

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