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Take a Unique Redhead Duck Hunting Trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast

Take a Unique Redhead Duck Hunting Trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast

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Redhead duck hunting on the breathtaking, sugar-white beaches of Perdido Key located on the Florida Gulf Coast should be added to every outdoorsmen’s bucket list. Intercoastal Safaris offers this unique coastal duck hunting experience. Not only will you walk away with your fill of these highly prized waterfowl on your trip, but you won’t have to worry about breaking ice in swamps or freezing your tail off in fields when you go hunting with us.

Redhead Duck Hunting on Pristine Florida Beach

Let’s be honest. Why would you want to hunt in icy swamps or freezing fields for highly prized redhead ducks? Instead come to the breathtaking, sugar-white beaches and the emerald waters of Perdido Key on the Florida Gulf Coast to shoot these waterfowl. Here the high temperature ranges from 61 to 71 degrees during duck hunting season scheduled this year from Nov. 19-30 and Dec. 10-Jan. 28.

Your Target Redheads

Redheads have consistently numbered more than 1 million since 2009. A significant migration corridor extends from southwestern Manitoba and southeastern Idaho to the Gulf Coast where redheads ride out the winter. These more than two-pound ducks have distinctive reddish heads and upper necks with black lower necks, forebacks and breasts. The remaining back looks a dark grayish color. The bill is light blue-gray with a whitish band behind a relatively wide black tip.

Redheads breed in the northern prairies of the United States and Canada and the intermountain marshes of the west. Generally, they live in wide open areas around water with dense emergent vegetation for nesting. Redheads lay an average of seven to 10 eggs.

Book Intercoastal Safaris Today for a Unique Coastal Hunting Experience!

When you pick one of our uniquely coastal duck hunting experiences our day will start near Perdido Key, Florida. From there, we ride one of our customized boats to our duck blinds where the waterfowl like to gather. While our commercial permit allows us to guide hunts on public and private land, hunters must be sure to bring their own hunting licenses. Intercoastal Safaris rolls out the red carpet for you and handles all of your other hunting trip needs.

Check this redhead duck hunting trip off your bucket list and enjoy the warm, beautiful white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast of Florida. Book with Intercoastal Safaris today!

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