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“I go fishing not to find myself, but lose myself” ~ Joesph Monniger

Land Based Shark Fishing : What To Expect

I went on my first shark fishing trip from the beach (land based shark fishing) a few years back and I can tell you from experience that having a good book to read is ideal when waiting for the sharks to hit. Now this isn’t to say that shark fishing is boring, but does offer plenty of opportunity for small talk among your fishing party. However, as soon as the line gets hit your world will be turned upside down.

Land based shark fishing, typically takes place in the evenings. Personally, I feel that it’s a good option so the daytime swimmers don’t freak out when they ask what you’re fishing for. Not to mention that sharks tend to be more active in the early morning and evening, that’s when they hunt.

Land Based Shark Fishing : How does the trip work

While there are a ton of how to guides, if it’s your first time trying to fish for sharks, I would highly recommend booking a guide to see what you’re getting yourself into. Not everyone can afford (or even lose) a drone to take your bait out to sea. Therefore, the most common method is by kayak. Basically, you attach a decent sized bait to your line and then kayak it out just past the sand bars. If you’re looking to go after the monster sharks, it’s preferred to paddle out 5-600 yards off the beach depending on the seabed terrain.

If you have a healthy fear of deep water or that you’re paddling bloody bait out into the water, booking a guided trip might be the better option. We have the ability to provide guides here in Perdido Key, Florida if you might be looking to book a vacation around a few nights of land based shark fishing. Just click here for more information.

Land Based Shark Fishing : Falsely Accused Information

I’m sure you’ve watched the news when they broadcast about a shark attack. However, what they don’t tell you is that regardless if someone if fishing or not, sharks are still in the area, looking for a meal. There is an entire ecosystem of fish where you plan to swim. Some might argue the fact that we are “chumming” the water. Any predator fish such as a redfish, pampano, or black drum can easily chew a fish into 2 pieces. Therefore creating “chum” and attracting bigger fish such as sharks to see what the action is all about. Long story short, sharks are swimming off the beach and pulling a big one on to the beach can be an epic fight that’s worth the wait. Please call our hospitality desk with any further questions you may have about this opportunity.

Written by: Jeff Sanders

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