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Fishing Alabama’s Beaches

Fishing Alabama’s Beaches

When it comes to Fishing Alabama’s Beaches… “There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.” – Steven Wright

Fishing Alabama’s Beaches has long been looked at a simply a way to ideally pass the time. Growing up, my brother Bud and my self, spent many a summer afternoons in front of The Beach Club in Fort Morgan with large ambitions. We would wade out into the surf with pockets full of frozen shrimp and celebrate in style when he hooked into a spadefish or weighting. I specifically remember having the worst vacation of my life the year my, not so little, brother caught a 2 ft bull shark! He had bragging rights for the rest of the trip. Needless to say, despite our inability to grow up and act like “adults”, a lot has changed since then.

Fishing Alabama’s Beaches: The Bama Beach Bum

When launching Intercoastal Safaris, fond memories of fishing Alabama’s Beaches served as fuel for my entrepreneurial fire. Therefor surf fishing was one of the very first offerings we attempted to launch. Due to a smaller pool of guides for the sport and us having high standards for those we choose to work with it took 4 years to find the right fit. As a company, we do take a lot of time to carefully choose guides that not only possess a sporting skill set but the right personality for customer interaction. Ideally, we strive for all our guided trips to serve as an educational opportunity for our guest. Mathew Isbell fits this bill to a T. As a result, Mathew joined our team in February of 2018. He has established himself as a local beach fishing expert by producing educational content on his own YouTube channel.

Fishing Alabama’s Beaches: An Educational Experience

Intercoastal Safaris now provides guides surf fishing on Alabama’s beaches from Fort Morgan to Perdido Key. While there is a lot of educational value in these trips don’t overlook the fun factor. During the spring we target pompano. Moving into summer the Spanish mackerel, flounder and redfish start to show up in large numbers. Fall and winter bring an opportunity for black drum and sheepshead. All of which are great to eat. With fish cleaning included, you will have little excuse not to eat in that night. Fishing on Alabama’s beaches may require a saltwater fishing license. Fishing Alabama’s beaches are a great alternative for those whom may be worried about being seasick. With trips starting at $200, fishing on Alabama’s beaches can offer an affordable price point for most vacationers. It’s our goal on each trip to leave each guest feeling like they could successfully go surf fishing on Alabama beaches on their own.

After personally experiencing these trips with Mathew over the last few weeks I’m hooked. On my very first trip with him, we caught over 6 different species. Each and every time thus far we limited out on pompano. While we can’t guarantee these type results on each and every trip we can promise our team is committed to providing all our guest with a value-filled experience each and every time. Please contact our hospitality desk with additional questions and booking request.

Ask for Stephen or Jeff: 850-375-2223

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