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Saltwater Bowfishing

Saltwater Bowfishing

Saltwater Bowfishing as a sport is growing in popularity at an alarming rate on the gulf coast and for good reason. This action-packed sport is a favorite past tie for both arches and fishermen alike. However, don’t be intimated by the thought of having to learn a new skill set. Our professional captains have a true passion for the sport and keep a wide variety of equipment at their disposal. Here an Intercoastal Safaris we love nothing more than introducing our guest to a new sport.

Saltwater Bowfishing: The Florida Panhandle

The panhandle of Florida and coastline of Alabama host an abundance of habitat for our target species. The bays, rivers, beaches, intercoastal waterways, and saltwater flats are home to tens of thousands of mullet, sheepshead, flounder, gar, and rays. Once we turn on our monster lights the world below will light up allowing your guests to see an entire world that lives below the water’s surface. Port St. Joe and Panama City are the best areas for stingrays. In the Panama City area, we offer a shark combo trip utilizing the stingrays from 1 night for shark bait the next. If you’re more of a hunter than angler you may want to inquire about our night vision hog hunts just north of Panama City Beach.

Saltwater Bowfishing: Coastal Alabama

The Pensacola Bay and Perdido Key Florida areas are home to large schools of sheepshead, mullet, and flounder. Both Pensacola Bay and Perdido key are well suited for dock light fishing. This evening activity is a great alternative for those anglers who do not wish to wake up early and want to stay out of the sun. Our boats in this area are equipped for both gigging and saltwater bowfishing. With notice, we can be will be armed with live shrimp and light tackle inshore rigs specifically designed for speckled trout and redfish action under the dock lights.

Saltwater Bowfishing: Fight Night

The “fight night” saltwater bowfishing / shark fishing combo takes place in Pensacola Bay. The night begins about an hour before dusk. After targeting stingrays for 3 hours you and your hunting party will switch gears and fish for the true monsters…. Sharks! This action-packed combination is fueled by the fact that sharks love stingrays. If you’re looking for a uniquely coastal hunting and fishing experience like none other than this one is for you.

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