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The Truth About Guns Goes Duck Hunting

The Truth About Guns Goes Duck Hunting


“And that’s one reason Stephen and Intercoastal do such a good business catering to their client’s every need. They provide an exceptionally enjoyable experience in a great part of the country. It’s pretty much the ideal way for a noob to experience his first try at duck hunting.” – Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman, a blogger who writes outdoors posts on a website called The Truth About Guns. Dan was kind enough to drive down from St. Louis. Writing a feature about duck hunting with Intercoastal Safaris. In addition Dan goes into detail about his hunt. Second his descriptive words are matched with the photo’s he had taken during his trip.

“That’s not to say we didn’t thoroughly enjoy the wait. There probably isn’t a more beautiful spot to post up and take in the sunrise and all the air and sea life. Not to mention that Naval Air Station Pensacola was just visible on the horizon to our northeast, so we had front row seats for the Blue Angels’ morning workout.” – Dan Zimmerman

In addition if you’re curious about what its like to hunt ducks on the coast of the gulf, then give this article a read. It is detailed and accurate to what you can expect from hunting ducks with Intercoastal Safaris.

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