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Catching grouper in Pensacola

Catching grouper in Pensacola

Pensacola bay is a huge body of water with deep holes and lots of man made structure. With that being the case, Pensacola Bay does provide for a wide variety of fishing experiences. One of the more unique is the opportunity to catch big grouper not far from the dock. Known for its white sand beaches and laid back atmosphere, the Pensacola area is one that every bottom fisherman should take seriously. While areas like Destin and panama City Beach do have rocker bottoms off shore, the bay in Pensacola should also be considered prime habitat.

Where grouper can be caught in Pensacola

When attempting to catch grouper in Pensacola, you want to focus on artificial reefs, wrecks and ledges. In addition to Pensacola Bay, Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier, Fort-Pickens, Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, and Pensacola Catwalk are easily accessible to those fishing from land. When you go offshore fishing for grouper by bottom fishing or slowly drifting into reefs for a rare fight with grouper in the upper water column. You may also have the chance to catch the rare Warsaw grouper when offshore around rocks or wrecks. While we do our best to give you the most accurate info, local fisherman almost always know best. Here’s a helpful link that has multiple local bait and tackle shops in Pensacola, recommended by local fishermen.

Baits and lures to use when catching Grouper in Pensacola

Many of our guides report using cut bait & live baits such as squid, white octopus, sardines, and bonito strips when targeting grouper in Pensacola. If you choose to go offshore and do a deep drop electric reels may be helpful. Like most bottom fishing heavy tackle, circle hooks and jigs are often the “GO TO” when catching grouper in Pensacola. With this being the case, you want to use thick braided lines and heavy leaders. Artificial baits such as paddle tails, flukes, jerk plugs, wake bait, and shrimp imitators can also be effective when fishing for grouper and live or cut bait is not available.

 Types of grouper caught in Pensacola

Many species of grouper such as Black, Red, Warsaw, and Snowy grouper are caught year-round in Pensacola. However, Gag Grouper does have specific season limits when catching in Pensacola. It’s also important to keep in mind that Nassau grouper is a protected species under the Endangered Species Act of Florida. You can find black grouper as well as red grouper at Oriskany Memorial Reef, which is one of Pensacola’s largest reefs, also referred to as “The Great Carrier Reef”. This link includes detailed information about gag grouper fishing regulations and limits for the state of Florida.

While different kinds of grouper can be caught from various land based spots around the Pensacola area, It’s been my experience that offshore deep drops are when the big boys paly. It’s important to keep in mind Florida fishing laws and regulations that are in place for specific types of grouper, as well as protected or endangered grouper that aren’t allowed to be harvested in the state of Florida. In addition, you can use different methods and baits when attempting to catch grouper. If this sounds interesting, call us now and come catch a variety of different types of grouper in Pensacola!

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