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Where to catch redfish around Mobile Bay

Where to catch redfish around Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay offers a wide variety of fishing experiences. From the Tensaw Delta to the north and gulf of Mexico to the south, Mobile Bay, is home to many small waterfront towns. Each of which host a plethora of docks, jetties and industrial infrastructure. All these places serve as good habitat for Redfish, Speckled trout and sheepshead. For the purpose of this blog were4 going to focus on the nitty gritty details of catching Redfish in Mobile Bay.

Catching redfish Cedar Point Pier

Cedar Point Pier is a very popular and active fishing spot in Dauphin Island, that includes 24 hour access, and public restrooms. Keeping in mind the rules that are in place for Cedar Point Pier, that prohibits the use of cast nets, crabbing, pet or loud music. You can use live baits such as shrimp, pilchards, greenies and croakers. Live bait is my personal “GO TO” when available. When live bait is not an option I like to keep it simple and use light tackle as like gold or silver spoons. When targeting redfish, it’s better to use 1/0 to 3/0 sized circle hooks, as well as 1⁄8 ounce jig heads. Also, when fishing on Cedar Point Pier, you want to avoid neap tides, as you will mostly only catch hard-head catfish. Some local fishermen have reported catching multiple bull-reds by the wall, near the restrooms. This link includes Alabama’s different fishing regulations and requirements.

Catching redfish in Mobile Delta

In Mobile Delta, redfish travel in schools throughout the late summer and mid fall months. When attempting to catch redfish in Mobile Bay, you may want to use gold spoons, jig-spinners, or single-hook spoons as redfish are more attracted to artificial shiny baits. With redfish typically traveling  in schools throughout November, it may also open the opportunity to also catch speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead as well as largemouth bass. Local fishermen recommend that the best fishing happens when the water flows back into the marsh grass after a low tide, due to redfish being active around the edge of the marsh. With this being the case be aware that it’s not hard to get tangled up on shallow water structure and vegetation.

Surf-Fishing off Dauphin Island & Fort Morgan beaches for redfish

When surf-fishing for redfish on dauphin island and Fort Morgan beaches, look for sandbars, birds hovering over the water and high tides. Keeping in mind, weather and wind conditions play a big part in whether redfish are active. Alabama’s barrier islands offer good spots to catch bull-reds constant of all the manmade structure found on the north side of both Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan. When fishing from the surf, look for deeper wholes. When choosing what bait to use when targeting redfish, you may want to use shrimp, squid, and crab. However, you can also use gold spoons and floating plus in calm water. Here’s a link that has more tips and tricks for surf fishing on Dauphin Island.

With this being the case, there are many great spots in Dauphin Island such as Cedar Point Pier, Mobile Delta, as well as opportunities to go surf-fishing at Dauphin Island Beach. Don’t dismiss the grass flats on the north end of the bay. Bull-reds are caught with multiple methods such as gold spoons or different types of jigs and baits. Keeping in mind, weather and wind conditions can depend on if redfish are active through Dauphin Island. If this sounds like something that gets you excited and you want to give a try, book with us now and get to learn more about where redfish can be found in around Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan, Alabama.

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