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Where to Catch Swordfish

Where to Catch Swordfish

Catching swordfish in Galveston, Texas

Swordfish are among the more common offshore big game fish that Galveston, Texas has to offer. These fish can be found in areas such as Galveston Island Park and Pelican Island which has easy access to the bay and ship channels. Roads along Galveston west end also provide a few public fishing spots as well as public boat ramps. You can catch swordfish in Galveston, Texas with live baits such as squid, shrimp, minnows, and mullet usually in under-water structures. Swordfish normally gather under oil platforms, shipwrecks, and offshore artificial reefs. Here’s a link that has the requirements and prices of fishing licenses.

Catching swordfish around Virginia Beach, Virginia

You can catch swordfish on Virginia Beach all year round. However, swordfish become more active during October and into January, with peak season being the fall months. You can catch swordfish at any time of day on Virginia Beach but swordfish mostly move at night, feeding on dead squids, mackerel, and blue crab, making this one of the easier times to catch swordfish. You can swordfish in Virginia mostly offshore but a fly rod, or mackerel rigs can be useful when catching swordfish from shore. Keep in mind that catching one from shore is extremely rare. This link includes more information about rules, regulations and state records catching swordfish on Virginia Beach.

Catching swordfish in San Diego

San Diego is a well known location for catching swordfish on the west coast. You can catch swordfish near Nine Mile Bank, Coronado Island, and San Clemente. Spring and early fall is typically when the water begins to warm up and swordfish become more active. Most people use lures such as jigs or trolling bait to catch swordfish. Many anglers prefer live bait due to stronger movement and smell. One of the most popular methods of catching swordfish b in the San Diego area is “drift-fishing”. This method involves drifting with the current and trolling your bait behind the boat at very slow speeds. Another popular method is “kite fishing”, which is using a kite to fly the bait a long distance behind the boat. Kite fishing is effective because swordfish become attracted to the movement the kite makes and it’s harder for them to detect the boat itself.

As a result, when choosing where to catch swordfish. It’s important to know where to use different lures and baits, another key point to remember is swordfish are more active throughout the night, and can change locations based on water temperature. Make sure to know the most recent regulations and laws, as they do change. If this gets you excited, call us now and we will be happy to set you up!

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