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Panama City Beach Fishing Report for July 2023*

Panama City Beach Fishing Report for July 2023*

Welcome back all of you Gulf Coast Sportsmen, forecasts for the Panama City Beach area have been quite disappointing with sporadic weather that may turn anglers away from fishing. Luckily, the forecasts haven’t always been accurate and several days of each week this month have ended up being beautiful. So, don’t cancel your plans for a forecast and just pay attention day to day to get out on the water and get a bite. 


In the Panama City Beach area, the flats and structure action has been consistent on the grass flats and around docks and larger structures like the 98 Bridge for trout and redfish. If you are able find and cast net pin fish and menhaden and rig them beneath a popping cork to where they will sit just above the grass. When it comes to the docks and bridges, fish them near the structure on a Carolina Rig. Most of the bite has been early morning on the grass flats, a little bit mid-day, and in the evening. The mid-day bite has been better around the bridges. Be sure to get with an inshore guide to get out on the water on the good weather days. 

Nearshore and Offshore

The king mackerel bite in the Panama City Beach area has been very hit or miss lately due to the current full moon cycle. Mid-day bite has been near nonexistent with most catches happening early or late in the day. With a few weeks left in snapper season, most catches have been happening in deeper water of 150 – 300 feet due to the increase in heat early this month. Black snapper have been on when they are found by chumming the water column and free lining cut or live bait. Weather has recently prevented much deeper water fishing, so reports have been low on that front, with only a few swordfish being found.

Piers and Beaches

In Panama City Beach, piers and beach/surf fishing has proven increasingly difficult. This is predominantly due to a lack of clear water.  The piers and beaches have had a significant increase in June grass still in the area. If you do find a clear area of the beach, there is plenty of opportunity for some straggling pompano and red fish. Towards the ends of the piers, the big name out there is Tarpon. Use 5–6-inch swim baits for the huge fish also known as The Silver King.  King Mackerel have been on and off just like nearshore and offshore trolling, but some have been in the catch. Spanish mackerel, hardtails, and lady fish have been persistent on the piers with gotcha lures. The key is finding good weather days and spots without so much grass to get bit this month. As the grass moves on, conditions will improve. 


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