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Orange Beach Fishing Report for May

Orange Beach Fishing Report for May

Welcome back Gulf Coast Sportsman to another Orange Beach fishing report for May 2022. This May has produced a variety of weather conditions that have affected fishing; but there still plenty of action inshore, nearshore and offshore, and around the beaches and piers. Whether you want to fish inshore structure, troll off or bottom fish offshore, or fish the oil rigs, there are plenty of opportunities to get a tight line and a memorable catch.


In the Orange Beach, AL area, inshore fishing has been predominantly centered around fishing dock and bridge structure for redfish, trout, and sheepshead.  This will continue to be productive using live shrimp and a variety of lures varying from twitch baits, top water plugs, and the ever-useful golden spoon. However, as the month goes on, look for trout and larger redfish to move out onto grass flats and the ledge drop offs of that many islands in the bays and intercoastal areas. Place your live baits or lures right on the edge of these drop offs with an inshore guide, to and you might just find some bull redfish and gator trout. 

Nearshore and Offshore

The name of the game for nearshore and offshore fishing in the Orange Beach, AL area has continued to be king mackerel. There have still been some good numbers of kings being caught trolling near and offshore with lures like Yozuri hard baits, as well as fishing around the many oil rigs off our waters. Nearshore could also see some straggling cobia that haven’t quite made it to their spawning grounds off Louisiana. They can also be by catch while bottom fishing for black snapper, mingo snapper, grouper, and trigger.  A sailfish here and there is also possible nearshore and around the rigs. However, everyone should be excited about Red Snapper season in the coming months as Orange Beach has some of the best in the country. 

Beaches and Piers 

Orange Beach, AL beaches and piers continue to seed action from pompano, whiting, and redfish in the surf. Pompano have been around longer than usual this year even as far west as Panama City. Continue using pompano rigs, fish gum, and live sand fleas or shrimp. Get your rig between the sandbars for the larger reds running the deeper channels. As for the piers, king mackerel have still been caught, as well as Spanish mackerel, hardtails, whiting, ladyfish. There is also plenty of opportunity for sharks in the surf and on the piers in the evening and at night.  If that’s your target, make sure you have heavier gear, and cut bonita for bait.  These can be caught trolling off shore, or bought frozen at most tackle and bait shops.  Look forward to our upcoming deep dive on Gulf Coast Shark Fishing for more information.

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