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Destin Fishing Report for August 2023*

Destin Fishing Report for August 2023*

Welcome back Gulf Coast Sportsmen to another fishing report for August 2023 in Destin, FL. The Florida Wildlife Commission has instituted some new changes in regulations for redfish starting soon that anglers Sportsmen need to be aware of. Additionally, as mentioned last month, Amberjack is now closed until September. Red Snapper is also now on the weekends until the end of the month. Even still, there is plenty of action available in the Destin area for sportsmen to get a bite.


As mentioned above, there are big changes coming to redfish regulations for the entire state and its coastal management zones starting in September. Recreation and for hire anglers will need to be prepared when the new regulations take effect the first of September. In the meantime, the higher temperatures in the area have shut down a lot of the bite in midday. Sportsmen targeting redfish and trout should use live shrimp, finger mullet, or menhaden under a popping cork on the grass flats early morning and late evening when temperatures are slightly cooler.

Nearshore and Offshore

In Destin, we are now in the end of open Red Snapper season.  If sportsmen in the Destin area are still trying to target red snapper, they will need to find a federally licensed charter to fish those waters. Be sure to book an offshore charter to get out there and limiting out should be quick. Luckily, triggerfish is re-opening so a lot of the by catch sportsmen have seen in the past month can now be harvested.  Cut squid on two hook drop rigs will produce fish. As mentioned last month, amberjack is now closed until September significantly shortening that seasonal opening. For deeper waters off Destin, trolling for wahoo and mahi mahi has been consistent.

Beaches and Piers 

In the Destin area, the June grass is slowly receding, and more clean water should be able to be found on beaches and piers especially around the Okaloosa Island pier. King mackerel have remained steady on the pier. Shark fishing has been excellent on the beaches. One strategy would be to catch some hardtail on the piers using gotcha lures, then rig them on heavier gear to target sharks from shore. Additionally, bull reds have been reported patrolling the shoreline. Live shrimp and cut crab will entice these giants to bite.


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