We Believe

We believe the hunting and fishing opportunities on the Gulf Coast are second-to-none. With a game rich environment, beautiful landscapes & southern hospitality our team proudly delivers “Uniquely Coastal Hunting & Fishing” experiences for all our guest.

We Treasure

We treasure the memories of time spent in the great outdoors with our friends and family. We work hard to provide our clients and their guest with professional 1st class sporting opportunity.

We Know

We know our clients work hard to earn the money they pay for our services. Therefore our entire team is dedicated to calling you back in a timely manner, setting proper expectations & doing all we can to earn your repeat business.

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Extreme Swordfishing: Get Ready for the Fight of Your Life

Anglers battle against giant swordfishing on Intracoastal Safaris' Extreme Swordfishing trips

Get ready for the fight of your life! The Broadbill Swordfish is nimble, fast, big and dangerous. Sport fishermen consider them one of the most exhilarating challenges they face. Embark on a unique fishing adventure — Intercoastal Safaris’ Extreme Swordfishing trip! Can you reel one in? Your Opponent They tip the scales at 300 to 600 pounds while reaching speeds of 50 mph. They maim or even kill their predators by slashing or stabbing with their “swords.” Are you ready to rumble? Because of their aggressiveness and fighting tenacity, sport fishermen consider swordfish an exhilarating challenge. Reeling one in can take even the best fishermen hours.These nimble carnivores prey on small tuna, barracudas, mackerel, rockfish and squid. But these predators remain beneath … Read More

Posted on March 15, 2018

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Surf Fishing For Pompano

pompano & flounder on fish cleaning table

Spring weather and spring-like fishing came in quickly with a quick warming trend this year in late February. Schools of pompano have started moving along the beaches a bit sooner than anticipated this year. Water temperatures are very important to successfully locate pompano in the surf and mid-60s is the sweet spot. A simple pompano rig with sand flea flavor or shrimp flavor Fishbites and fresh dead shrimp will help entice a bite. Pompano will generally hang around close to our beaches in large quantities throughout the spring season. Once temperatures begin to rise and raise our water temperatures closer to the summer levels they will move to deeper more stable water. However, this will begin to bring in other … Read More

Posted on March 14, 2018

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