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The Seaweed Is In Town! June 2018 Fishing Report

Look Out Anglers, Seaweed Has Invaded The Coast

Seaweed! If you are trying to surf fish along the Alabama Gulf Coast you have probably noticed there are many areas that have become quite difficult to fish! The fish are still there and can be caught if you are willing to clean green slime off your lines constantly. Redfish, pompano, and whiting are still biting despite the inconvenience. You can move around and find areas that are clear and have a much better opportunity to keep baits in the water. Pompano are still biting steady and you can still have some good days if you find the right area.

Seaweed Isn’t The Only Thing In Town, Lady Fish Schools Have Arrived!

Lady fish schools have moved in which can provide some awesome light tackle action! With these lady fish coming in it has brought in other predators with more teeth. Mixed in the schools of lady fish are schools of bluefish feeding on the lady fish and smaller baitfish that is plentiful for the lady fish in the warmer water. Bluefish remains an underrated fish for table fare, I just grilled some tonight and it is delicious! Plus, it would be a challenging task to find a harder fighting inshore fish pound for pound than bluefish! Be sure to bleed them immediately and ice them down quickly.

Land Based Shark Fishing Is In It’s Prime Time

If you enjoy land based shark fishing now is a good time to catch some smaller species of sharks. Options are Atlantic Sharpnose, Blacknose, and Blacktips. They are moving in and feeding on the lady fish and bluefish schools. There is a lot of action happening in the surf and it is best to get out their early to capitalize!

Bama Beach Bum
Matthew Isbell

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