The 7MPH to 28MPH winds were higher than ideal saltwater bowfishing conditions allow for but they were nothing like the next morning. The next day’s 36mph gust. We experienced very little chop inshore and since it had been several days since our last rain storm the waters were relatively clear.  It was fitting that the bachelor, at his own bachelor party, shot the biggest ray. About 20 fish in all in the boat. We did have a few big rays but no flounder or sheepshead was spotted during this trip. Of course, we had the gig at the ready just in case.

Last year the sheepshead started showing up on the coast is small numbers in mid-October and we brought them in as late as mid-March. For the most part, they primarily stayed next to the major submerjed structure closer to the coast. While these spots do make for an excellent shoot when they are here in big numbers they are notorious for frustrating bowfisherman by “diving”.  Often times they show up about the same time flounder start getting good.

Feel free to use our fishing & hunting reports as the year goes on for an inside look at hunting & fishing along the Gulf Coast. If we can help in any way please feel free to contact us.

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