Spring weather and spring-like fishing came in quickly with a quick warming trend this year in late February. Schools of pompano have started moving along the beaches a bit sooner than anticipated this year. Water temperatures are very important to successfully locate pompano in the surf and mid-60s is the sweet spot. A simple pompano rig with sand flea flavor or shrimp flavor Fishbites and fresh dead shrimp will help entice a bite. Pompano will generally hang around close to our beaches in large quantities throughout the spring season. Once temperatures begin to rise and raise our water temperatures closer to the summer levels they will move to deeper more stable water. However, this will begin to bring in other opportunities such as speckled trout, flounder, and bluefish.

Currently, we have a nice run of the black drum or “big ugly’s” along the beaches. There is no telling how long this excitement will last so get out there quick to catch a few drag screamers! These fish are excellent table fair in the smaller size range. Whiting has been noticeably scarce in the surf but I would expect as water temperatures continue to rise to a more consistent level there should be plenty of opportunities to find schools of whiting to supply your fish fry. Whiting can be a picky fish and leader shy. Be sure to downsize your tackle to 8-10 lb test monofilament or fluorocarbon with a small 1/0 circle hook. A small sand flea or small pieces of fresh dead shrimp will keep you busy once you locate the schools.

Our guided surf fishing trips are an excellent option for those who want to engage in saltwater fishing while on vacation and may be concerned about sea sickness. Our guides take the time to teach you as much as possible to help ensure your DIY success for the remainder of your trip.

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