“What a kick in the pants- I never knew you could do this type of hunt so close to the beach. This Quail hunt was a gift for Veterans Day (I had never hunted Quail before -I was a complete amateur). Wayne was awesome, he gave a great pre-hunt brief and made me feel super comfortable all day. The land we hunted on was easy to get around on and looked like a great habitat for the birds. Wayne brought four dogs (bud’s my favorite) and oh my, they all loved getting after it! By the time a dog was getting a bit winded it was perfect timing for me as well; Wayne swapped dogs and had a cooler of soda/water with a basket of snacks, it was nice that we were never that far from the trucks/staging point to where I needed pack anything more than a pocket of shells. I’m now putting this trip on all my Xmas/birthday wish lists!” ~ Timmy

One of our guest “Timmy” wrote the Google Review posted above. While we could take the time to share with you all the details from our last quail hunt, we thought it may be best for you to hear from our clients instead.

A few things to keep in mind when booking a quail hunting trip.

  1. Dogs work best in the morning when they have fresh sent. So if you have a choice choose a morning hunt.
  2. Cooler weather allows the dogs to work harder longer and not overheat making Nov. – Feb. ideal months.
  3. You need a small game hunting license when hunting quail.
  4. Ask your guide to clean your birds and bring a small cooler for game transport.
  5. When in the field you are going to need easy access to your shells. An ammo belt or vest is ideal.
  6. Quail hide in thick brush so a durable set of brush paints is a must.
  7. You should never aim below your waistline. That’s where the dogs are and it’s $5,ooo if you hit one.

For additional questions or booking assistance please call our office at 850-375-3332.

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