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Hook up with hard fighting, great eating tuna with Intercoastal Safaris!

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Gulf Coast anglers often refer to tuna excursions as thier favorite offshore fishing memories. There’s nothing quite like fighting against the sheer strength and incredible speed of a tuna on the end of your line! If hooking into one of these beasts is on your bucket list, the Gulf Coast is the right spot for you!

The Most Productive Times for Tuna Trips

The Gulf Coast is one of the few locations in the world to offer year-round tuna fishing. However, they tend to stick closer to shore during the fall and winter months. With this being the case our most popular and productive time for these excursions are take place in the fall & winter.

What to Expect on a Tuna Trip

On our tuna trips, you should expect to travel anywhere from seven to 75 miles offshore to search for a prime fishing location. Of course, the tuna are constantly on the move and operate on their own schedule. Our captains keep up with the latest reports and adapt their approach and methods as needed.

The fishing methods we use when targeting tuna include, but are not limited to, live bait, top water fishing, chumming & kite fishing. No one wants you to limit out on large tuna more than our captains and crew. On average, harvested tuna weigh anywhere from 40-60 pounds, but landing a 300-pounder is not out of the question!

More than Just Tuna!

You will have the opportunity to catch other highly-prized game fish. Hard-fighting species such as marlin, wahoo, swordfish, grouper, and sharks commonly share the same water as tuna. In the Gulf of Mexico, you never know what might pop up to take your bait!

Fully-Equipped Tuna Boats for All Anglers

Don’t worry if your group includes people of different ages and varying experience on the water. Intercoastal’s tuna fishing trips provide a fun, fast-paced experience for anglers of all skill levels.

The boats in our tuna fleet are among the finest on the Gulf Coast. Features such as comfortable cabins, full galleys, clean bathrooms, air conditioning, and televisions make our fleet 2nd to none. With these amenities and our friendly, knowledgeable crews, Intercoastal’s tuna trips are the perfect offshore retreat for corporate or family gatherings.

We Make Epic Tuna Trips Easy

Our tuna trips are epic adventures! You will typically be at sea for 24-plus hours and, yes, you will need food and drink to keep up your strength. Want a hands-off solution to keep your group fed and happy? No worries! Make it easy and let our hospitality department make all the arrangements. We’ll have your food and drink waiting on the ship upon your party’s arrival.

24-Hour Destin Tuna Trip for 4 People

Destin, FL

Length 24 Hours
Price $6,050.00

Price is total for three people, must be paid in full in advance

Boat has three beds, bathroom and AC

24-Hour Orange Beach Tuna Trip for 4 People

Orange Beach, AL

Length 24 Hours
Price $3,650.00

Price is total for up to four people, must be paid in full in advance

Boat has four beds, bathroom and AC

Call for pricing for larger or longer trips.

Customer Review

<p>"Awesome, all-inclusive trip. The price was intimidating at first, but it turned out to be worth every penny. I've already made glowing recommendations to several of my friends. I will definitely be back."</p>

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