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Alabama Blackbelt Whitetail

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The Blackbelt of Alabama is known for its fertile soil, rich culture and bountiful game. When one takes a look at the regional traditions of southern hospitality & first class sporting opportunities it easy to see the value that our Alabama Blackbelt offers.

Alabama Blackbelt Whitetail

With access to over 1,000 acres of strictly managed hunting land and a variety of stands & shooting houses to choose from each hunter will feel as if he has the place to them self. Many of the shooting houses are set up for 2 hunters, therefore, making these hunts great for couples & families. Each hunt includes 1-night stay, breakfast lunch & dinner. Ground transportation & game removal from the field is provided. A game cleaning station is on site and our guides are happy to assist in quartering of game. With ice available to our guest on site be sure to bring a cooler for transporting your harvest home.

The land has been strictly managed by Brian, our gamekeeper, for over 20 years. Large portions of row crops such as corn & soy are left standing as a food source. The entire operation is dotted by ponds, creeks, bottom land, and green fields. Our harvest rules are simple. Each hunter can take 1 deer of either sex as long as long as they are 14 on the inside spread and have 4 points on either side… and of course as many coyotes and hogs as you can shoot.

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