Travel Insurance: Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Is Important For Unforeseen Accidents

Travel insurance may seem like one more expense. However, sometimes things happen that are just out of your control to foresee. Below are some of the typical things that can happen while, on, or before a vacation is about to happen. Consider protecting your vacation investment. Trip Cancellation Coverage Did someone get sick, a family member dies, you're required to work, or your house floods? With trip cancellation coverage you'll be able to recover out of pocket expenses and be covered for these reasons. Miss Connection Coverage You've planned a cruise, but your flight has been delayed. This will now force you to miss your boat's departure. How can you make it to the ship? With miss connection coverage, you'll be able to get … Read More

Posted on December 15, 2017

Quail Hunting 101

"Life is too short to go quail hunting with the wrong people." - Jimmy Carter, 39th US PresidentQuail hunting is popular throughout the country for several reasons.  Some of the major contributing factors to its popularity as a sport is the accessibility to the masses and the social appeal.  In this blog post, we dive into these factors of quail hunting and encourage our non-sporting friends to give quail hunting a shot (pun intended). Quail Hunting 101: Overview Since the early 1900's to the modern age, quail hunting, remains to be one of North America's more popular activities among sportsmen. According to a recent study from Quail Forever, there are over one million active quail hunters in the USA. Bobwhite quail are widely regarded as the … Read More

Posted on November 28, 2017

Licenses: What Do I Need To Go Duck Hunting?

Licenses are need while duck hunting

You're going coastal duck hunting this season but need hunting licenses? Here are the answers to all your frequently asked questions. Do I need licenses? Yes, you need five licenses. Below are the links to all the required permits and licenses you will need. Keep in mind government regulations are subject to change and we must see your permits and licenses before your hunt begins.Duck Stamp $25 FL Hunting Licenses (Non-Resident 10-Day) $46.50 FL Waterfowl Permit $5 Migratory Bird Permit (AKA: HIP) FREE National Seashore Waterfowl Permit $25What kind of gun, ammo and choke do you recommend? Personally, I'm a big fan of double barrels. The simplicity of less moving parts fairs well because of our sandy and salty conditions. Most waterfowl hunters these days tend to … Read More

Posted on November 8, 2017

How Can Weather Affect Duck Hunting?

Weather is a Prime Factor to A Successful Duck Hunt

When it comes to hunting waterfowl, the fouler the weather the better the hunt is deemed to be. Avid duck hunters know when its clear skies and sunny that they should probably go fishing instead . Briefly, I will describe each kind of weather system and how it affects waterfowl hunting. Thunder Storms & Rain A low-pressure system usually means that rain is on its way. For most people that is bad news, but for duck hunters, it's great news. Storm fronts increase wind and cloud cover which helps prevent glare off of gun barrels and the hunter's face. Ducks are also less likely to see shadows of hunters from up above. Rain, sleet, and wind will move ducks to protected smaller areas … Read More

Posted on November 1, 2017

Gulf Coast Cast & Blast – Take A Trip With Intercoastal Safaris

Cast And Blast

Many sportsmen like to hunt and fish however few have the opportunity to do both on the same day. A cast & blast with Intercoastal Safaris not only allows for this uniquely coastal hunting and fishing experience but it can also serve as a great way to entertain clients for a day or introduce someone new to the wonderful world of waterfowl. Cast And Blast: The Blast If you ask most duck hunters what their least favorite part of the day is. Almost all of them will tell you "breaking the ice and freezing to death in the morning". When you and your party pursue waterfowl on the white sand dune beaches of Florida and Alabama, that necessary evil becomes not so … Read More

Posted on October 15, 2017

Take a Unique Redhead Duck Hunting Trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast

Man holding a duck he hunted

Redhead duck hunting on the breathtaking, sugar-white beaches of Perdido Key located on the Florida Gulf Coast should be added to every outdoorsmen’s bucket list. Intercoastal Safaris offers this unique coastal duck hunting experience. Not only will you walk away with your fill of these highly prized waterfowl on your trip, but you won’t have to worry about breaking ice in swamps or freezing your tail off in fields when you go hunting with us. Redhead Duck Hunting on Pristine Florida Beach Let’s be honest. Why would you want to hunt in icy swamps or freezing fields for highly prized redhead ducks? Instead come to the breathtaking, sugar-white beaches and the emerald waters of Perdido Key on the Florida Gulf Coast to … Read More

Posted on October 1, 2017

Reel ‘Em in While Offshore Fishing in Destin, Florida

offshore fishing in Destin

Anglers travel from all over the world for offshore fishing in Destin. This tiny Gulf Coast town in Florida delivers on its self-proclaimed title of “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” Experience the rush that comes from feeling that tug at the end of your line. Join Intercoastal Safaris and we will handle all the details, while you keep reeling ‘em in!   What’s Biting in Destin! The better question about offshore fishing in Destin might be what isn’t biting? Fishing experts report a high number of cobia, Red Snapper, wahoo, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, grouper, amberjack and dolphin showing up in the Gulf this season.Surprisingly, sightings of cobia increased this season over their typical spring run. Captains reported that most catches occur over … Read More

Posted on September 15, 2017

The Presidents Outdoors Scholars

Presidents Outdoors Scholars

Learning About The Presidents Outdoors Scholars As a professional in the outdoors industry, I look back at my list of experiences leading up to my current career and have mixed feelings. On one hand, it's easy for me to look back on my time spent in a cubical going down checklist for the sales process as a complete waste of time. On the other hand, as I grow my current business it's also easy to trace my basic organizational sales skills to those very experiences.Looking back even further would take us to Auburn University where I was fortunate enough to receive both a bachelors and masters degree. Upon finding out that my post-graduate degree boils down to public speaking they often ask what a hunting … Read More

Posted on August 16, 2017

Longnose Gar Balls with Chef Rob at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club

Longnose Gar Recipe

THINK GAR ARE TRASH FISH? THINK AGAIN! More often then not, typically when we are bow fishing, we harvest a fish and before we can even put it on Ice some one utters the phrase "Trash Fish". Here at Intercoastal Safaris we believe in no such thing. The Nuisance Group & The Flora-Bama Yacht Club proudly share a common mission to eradicate this mythical misconception. In this video we are making GAR BALLS! #HuntProud. LOUISIANA FRIED GAR BALLS RECIPE1lb Fresh Gar Meat 10oz by Volume Crab/Crawfish Boil Seasoning (brand of preference!) 2 Cups Water 1/4 Cup Yellow Onion 1/4 Cup Green Onion 1/2 Cup Cheese (any kind of shredded will work, though I recommend a nice pepper jack!) 1lb Mashed Potatos … Read More

Posted on July 4, 2017

Red Snapper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Red Snapper Rules

RED SNAPPER RULES FOR FISHING ON THE GULF COAST Here on the Gulf Coast red snapper season is by far one of the busiest times of the year, and for a good reason. The core of red snapper season runs smack dab in the middle of the summer beach season which creates a perfect storm for lots of calls for Intercoastal Safaris. Over the past 2 years, our hospitality manager (Jeff Sanders) has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for red snapper rules. If this blog does not answer your specific question, please give us a call at 850-375-2223 and we will assist you in any way we can. FAQ FOR RED SNAPPER Can you guarantee me a fish? A: While our success … Read More

Posted on June 22, 2017