Monster Hunt Panama City Beach: Shark Fishing and Night Hog Hunting

Panama City Beach Monster Hunt

Book your trip now and be the one who hunts the monsters!

  • Panama City Beach Monster Hunt for Two People

    LengthOne Day/One Night

    Price is total for two people

    $270 deposit required to book trip.

  • Panama City Beach Monster Hunt for Three People

    LengthOne Day/One Night

    Price is total for three people

    $280 deposit required to book trip.


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Need a place to stay for the night? Our partners at Panama City Condo Vacations will be more than happy to assist you with your lodging needs. Give them a call at 770-334-3544.

Customer Review

Review of Intercoastal Safari's Panama City Beach Monster Hunt

We caught some MONSTERS today with Intercoastal Safaris! Got our limit on redfish and sharks! Ready to rest up for tonight's hog hunt!